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If it were possible I'd give this set an 11.

Alyssa's asshole is very hot, love to see all the shots of it. It is indeed very inviting as I'd love to say I was in it.

Agent 007 Headlopper was on the trail of Comrade Alyssa secret agent from the Met-Art Agency. The trail was leading Agent 007 Headlopper into the clutches of the dreaded secret agent girls. Some were from Russia with Love. Some were from the For your eyes only area. All of them were schooled for a Octopussy match with Agent 007 Headlopper. The big , beautiful eyes of Comrade agent Alyssa and the secrets she held were Agent 007 Headlopper main mission. What secret was she withholding from Headlopper. Maybe he could entice her to defect to Headlopper side.
Agent 007 Headlopper used the magic spoon spell on the Met-Art secret agent girls. He used the clear idea blub spell with the closer look glasses. Maybe Headlopper got them seeing red. The empty tube and the cloth pin should do it. Notice the ruler is 12 inches long, divided in half equals the shared cord of power. The balls of reality separated by knots to untangle. The soft balls of cotton and the hard steel of life.
The things to clean the ears for the sounds of danger. The dagger down for peace, rounds up for the guard of awareness in life. The camouflage of who we really are. The gloves of hard work and the wool of warmth when it's cold, see spoon spell. The adaptors and fittings to wire into each others feelings.. The black leather of unleashed passions and the mystery of what's in the black case. Beautiful Comrade agent Alyssa and the other secret agents of Met-Art. What's in the black case Headlopper and why the keyboard on end with the pocket blue. Same old song my dear Comrade agent Alyssa. the pocket blue's

Your way of giving tribute to Alyssa is unique. There may be a hidden talent there. You should consider writing/posting on Literotica or LushStories.

I also agree with the other posts that this model is superb . I have a question for the members here , does Alyssa have the name Giulia on Erro's site? Giulia sure looks like Alyssa to me (except she has a small tattoo on Erro's site).

Yes, it's the same girl.

Alisa is a perfect 10 and Flora has done a perfect job of capturing that beauty

Agree with all that's been said, but I have to add the frontal pussy shots are outstanding as well. This woman has it all, from head to toe. Wow, when can I see more of her?

This is the second posted set of Alyssa shot by Flora, and I've enjoyed them both. Alyssa looks great from behind and Flora has captured this well for us. It appears that many enjoy seeing her from that angle. I also like her facial expressions in this set.

Alyssa is a beauty with perfect tits. But in this set the most striking features are her anus and pussy shot from the rear. Irresistible!

Her bottom is very inviting and arousing, love the way she shows it off.

A wonderful explicit set of this stunning girl. Alyssa has beautiful hair, a very sensuous mouth & superb body.

The rear view shots showing us Alyssa's open pussy and huge brown anus are quite outstanding...

There are bedroom eyes, and then there's Alyssa, who is one of the best at alluring, teasing glances.

Alyssa is looking great in this set.

Those rear end stretches are SO sexy. Thanks!

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