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Thank you for taking Alyssa A outdoors and revealing the complexity of her beauty.

Alyssa is a beautiful young woman, who was included in my top 100 models from the first time she posed. Schneider has done her no favors. I cannot relegate her just because one GWC doesn't understand the importance of the female anatomy, but this is a dead-pan set.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Oh... did I say, "lovely"?

Ah, Yes! Alyssa! Whatta picnic!

No picnic basket necessary, just Alyssa is fine! ( :

Nice set, she looks great. Alyssa has a beautiful face and pretty blue/gray eyes.

Nice use of backlighting with just the right amount of flash fill. (Tip: a slight warm-up gel over the flash balances better with daylight. Flash is almost always too blue!) The simplicity of the setting highlights her fabulous body.

I personally would have preferred to see some details of her in close-up shots, but I can't complain when images of such a beautiful woman are brought into my world.

Egon, you are the forth photag to shoot Alysssa. When Flora shot her she gave us a different type of set of her than before, your set while very good just repeats the style she has given us all along. Please be more creative.

What a gorgeous young woman! Nice setting, nice poses, clean crisp photos. My only con is no intimate closeups. In fact almost no close in work at all. Pretty tame, generic, magazine style set.

Very hot breasts and nice skin. Pretty face and good attitude.

Obviously a very chilly day!

I thought this set was very nicely completed. I would rather had in her more in the shade so some parts of the photos were too bright. However, great set!

This is a wonderful collaboration by Alyssa and Egon. I love Alyssa's wrinkled areolae, glass cutters and beautiful butt. Because of this set, Alyssa's rating goes from a 9 to a 10 in my opinion. Kudos to both.

Alyssa's a gorgeous model and loved the cute outfit, so much so I'd have like to have seen it worn for a couple more of the 120 photos ... she's literally got naked within the first 5-8 photos! Some redeeming photos at the end where Alyssa puts the outfit back on were a pleasant surprise :-)

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