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Oooohhhh Alyssa...
This set started my mouth watering, literally. Feelin' like one of Pavlov's dogs now.
Alyssa is the sexual beauty that just.don't.stop.
She's the real thing...

The model is awesome, but it all wasted. The poses are good but the photography boarders on armature! They are over lit under contrasted and flat looking and the closeups are out of focus. The lighting sucks all the detail and sense of depth out of the photos and the reflections on the headboard should not be seen in a professional shoot. The average person with a point and shoot camera could do as well.

Sorry but facts is facts.

Sorry guys but as a photographer myself I look at these sets as I would my own work. I am a Met member because I have have an eye for quality and Metart appeals to my love of beauty and of fine photography. I see that this set could have been so much more with a lighter softer touch and it offends me that the photographer did not do the model justice with his/her presentation. I realize that this is my opinion and my reviews are always just that and nothing more. What I see, and nothing more. I tell all the photographers that I will always be honest in my opinions and tell it as I see it. IMO this set did not meet the standards of Metart. The art of photography is to enhance the woman's beauty not to simply take photos. For me art is producing a product that turns these women into a goddess that every man will desire and lust for not to simply produce photos of a naked woman.

Look at Kristal's new set, or Dominika's set from yesterday, or Melena's set or Swan's latest. These are art by artists that I can look up to. This does not come close. And yes Kilroy, this set made it a bad day for me.

Damn, hipshot, having a bad day?

Actually hipshot, those are YOUR "facts"... But to us they're still your "opinion"...;o) Remember, this is "art", not a photo competition.

Beautiful girl spoiled by an unnecessary tattoo; get the ugly thing removed at once young lady!!

I don't particularly care for tattoos, but I'd rather see it than a crude attempt to edit it out in post production.

I am not a tat fan for sure but that tiny little rose is hardly a spoiler for a woman this classy. It is well done tasteful and nicely placed. Unnecessary? Definitely! A spoiler? No way.

"Up against the wall, redneck mutha!".....lol You pretty funny rufus!! ;o)

This is one of the best recent sets on Met. It's so erotic to see such a beautiful young girl in such sexual poses on a bed. very arousing girl and well thought out set. This is the sort of photo shoot that really lets the mind fantasize about the possibilities. It just looks fun to be in that room with her...

????? the best recent set??? The model is beautiful and her work is very good but the photography is terrible!

I said ONE of the best recent sets... I liked the story the photographer and model created.. To me the story can add or take away from the overall fantasy of a photo shoot, and this set has a great story; Hot girl stripping on a bed in a hotel room, followed by some very sexually inviting poses. It reminded me of a great night in Moscow... This set also had a good mix of full body shots and great close ups which i also like. We all have different taste, but in my humble opinion this was a perfect set.

OH, what a woman, oh, what a woman, wish she was at my house..........

LOL Don't we all!!!

Very good set!

I'd hit that.

Twice on Saturday !

???Only twice???

I've never been able to put my finger on the exact reason, but I've always thought that Alyssa is one of the "sexiest" girls on the site... This is an excellent set Flora! Absolutely breathtaking! Alyssa looks delicious as ever!! XOXO (a kiss and hug for each of you! ;o)

It's gotta be those big eyes.

Alyssa has the elegance of Jane Seymour.

Jane is in a class by herself.

She's got the most beautiful big blue doe eyes

I'm not much of a 'foot man,' but pics 92-95 might sway me a bit.

Beautiful Alyssa, great to see you back on Met.

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