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  • Sten
  • 9 months ago:

What is the color of her skin?

Wow. Definitely a 10. That girl is so damn sexy. And all those great poses. #JIZZFEST

it is good enough to download. Some minor things here and there. Not a 10 but not a 5 either.

Wonderful shots of her beautiful asshole, which definitely stole the show. Alyssa's ass is definitely her best asset.

A close second to her eyes, perhaps.

Breathtaking Flora!! Absolutely stunning!! XOX :o)
And thank you Alyssa for making my day a lot more beautiful and thrilling! XOXO :o)

Too many beautiful models ruined by this trend in overexposed photography. Is that a nipple or a polar bear in a snowstorm?

As a photographer of women, I too prefer light that accentuates curves and textures to light that tends to hide them by being too bright and too "flat". But, that said, I wouldn't use the word ruined ... like pizza that's a little to crispy ... I'll still eat it. ;)

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the fact that the color of the sofa is so close to the color of her skin...no contrast. Very poor on the part of the photographer.

what sofa?

Love all the pictures of her gorgeous rear end

Flora, this is a really beautiful set. I love the close attention you give to Alyssa's beautiful eyes, and also the tight focus (so to speak) on that cute as a button anus. Great job!

The lovely Alyssa, presented by the brilliant Flora.
I love the minimalist approach, it showcases Alyssa's beauty particularly well.

Flora,forget the camera.Start gardening or something.

The seller

Seller - You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I'm not going to argue about it with you, but I think that if you feel that strongly, you should say what it is about the set that you don't like in support of your position.

Three thumbs down!

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