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She has one of the best bum holes on Metart

Good job ,top 10 for model and photographer .

A splendid mix of full body spread shots and intimate close ups. i enjosed the close ups of Alysa's pussy and boobs. some shots were out of focus.
please watch out dear Flora.

I would prefer more natural traditional shots. I though many shots, such as the clear cover, were out of focus.

Many thanks to all for your feedback! It was very pleasant to read. Have a good day!:)

Thank YOU Flora, for keeping the standards here higher than they would be without your high quality work! You have a great weekend!

Alyssa, the most beautiful ass of Met-Art! Thank you Alyssa, thank you Flora!

I agree,Flora is much better at capturing Alyssa's beauty than any other photog. Alyssa has worked for several, and she has enough work posted here to see this.I am surprised how badly Slastyonoff has fallen his shoots of Koika and of Iveta B were classics Flora is doing a MUCH better job of captureing Alyssa.I gave a 10++++

I'll give you a thumz for that last sentence, dog. Flora is doing great work lately, and not just with Alyssa.

I just love her big and beautiful eyes.

I know some have commented on not liking her make-up, but I think it's just right to make them jump out of the screen.

if you do a portrait shot, eyes must be in focus.

Now have a look at 120

and that is just one example.

19 is much better in that regard. Still... has some 'click'n'shoot' vibe going on. Cheap lens? Camera pushed way beyond its sell-by date? Too much 'shopping?

Just compare these two pics with No 119 from Rylsky's Apryme set and you know what I mean. The eye close to the onlooking person is crystal clear and sharp. The hair is detailed and not some washed out mess. The lashes are well defined and not some pixel clots.

More photographic excellence from Flora... More female beauty from Alyssa. I love her eyes!

A theme more candid and open than most. A theme well chosen and well presented. A setting with nothing to distract attention from the subject at hand, though the combination of light and color is a bit cool. The actual imagery more than compensates. And there is something to say for having all the color come from those eyes. Makeup on the upper was somewhat heavy - though not to my taste, well applied and quite effective close up. As a lover of panties, I must say these as shown here added nothing. Easily a rare 10 from me, for the whole series as well as for a large percentage of individual images.

Approval granted. Gratitude conveyed.

A completionist collector might well be inspired to seek out all this model has done.

Great set of a beautiful sexy woman. However, the makeup should be toned down about...especially the eye make-up. Her eyes are so beautiful that I doubt she needs the excess in this set. Alyssa has a 10+ puss and a very inviting ass. Look forward to seeing more.

I may be changing my opinion of the makeup. While off putting in the thumbnails, it works well enough when viewing the actual photo. I think I will appreciate the artistic license even if it is not my aesthetic preference.

Stunning girl! Absolutely stunning set!! Those eyes will forever haunt my dreams...

Her eyes are amazing. It's like they're jumping out of my screen. Lovely set!

Alyssa obviously loves showing off that beautiful body, those are some seriously great shots.....she saved Friday because the other 3 sets were not the way to go out for the weekend. It's not just my opinion, looks at the "scores".......and well deserved scores.

See, this is what I am writing about when I am saying that we need to see the whole body. This was a great set all around!

A hearty concurrence from me.



Another wonderful, uninhibited set of this stunning , sexy woman

Alyssa does have the most beautiful body & once again we are able to see it its best. The close ups, especially the rear views are quite breathtaking!

Can't get enough of this girl...

Flora, one of MA's best new documenters of female sensuality and passion brings us another masterful set of the marvelously sensual Alyssa.

Verily, for real, you have noted before how well our artist's minimalist approach works for this model.

And verily I say unto you, thy quick wit and sharp tongue doth reveal scant evidence of Empirical descendancy...;o)

Great mix of full body spread shots and intimate close ups, Alyssa is as gorgeous as ever, although I'm not overly enthusiastic about her make up in this set, her natural beauty still shines through.

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