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Amazing bush. Beautiful face. Great tis. perfect ass. Amelie is a dream cum true....

Amelie 10 photo set 6. I love pussy with bush or without

Tats are hot. Some of you guys have some very arrogant opinions. Some like nylons, some done. Some like shoes, some don't. Some like big breasts, some don't. You obviously cant please everyone so variety is the only option. Look at what you like, pass on what you don't. Pretty simple.

Not arrogant, Just don't like tats on anyone but especially on a perfect creation like this. You I bet have several tats? A woman like this is gods greatest gift and nothing man could scrawl could make it sexier only deface it. Tats are not art they are graffiti. And piercings are even worse. They are the statement of arrogance.

Not what I pay for.... :(

ILuvSex:- I fully agree, its not what I pay for either. Due to the high volume of recent poor sets being shown on here from numerous photographers, I have had to lower my expectations. Nevertheless this set even failed to come close to my revised lower expectations. I cannnot believe photographers are churning out this sort of tat on purpose so therefore conclude that its probably the case that they simply dont care less on what the viewer finds good.

A little too hairy for my taste, but from the waist up Amelie is pretty much perfect.

Not a great job with the exposure. I have no problem with sets shot in bright environments, but you gotta get the correct exposure for the model - and Amelie's looking a little washed-out here.

This was a disappointing set. The word is disappointing! When I see Amelie has blessed us with her beauty and then it was abused by Leonardo, it was disappointing.

Shots 51 and 52 are superb, but two good shots don't make a good series. Too many mid-length shots that are repetetive. They reapeated too much. After bath exit there is nothing of Amelie below the upper thigh, which I found disappointing.

Hair down next time please to cover the silly tattoo.

MetArt: too many tats creeping in; please remedy!

Tattoos are self expression and beautiful. No reason why they shouldn't be allowed on this website, or manipulated/hidden. Very arrogant to just dismiss tattoos like that. If they are not to your taste, that's fine but that's yours alone. You don't speak for me for a start.

I welcome variety, all women are beautiful and with how they express themselves. Not every set has to be petite, shaven and white.

No they aren't. They are a purchased, intentional disfigurement that I find utterly revolting. To mar such lovely skin should be chastised.

You realize you and others are dictating what someone else should do with their body, right? There is personal taste then there is this idea of entitlement that a woman shouldn't do something to themselves for you. That's just as low as can be.

Hear hear Smokey, it's her body she can do whatever the hell she likes with it.

Didn't notice the tatoo unti you metioned it!

Agree on the tats. But I love a model who exposes her neck - lots of women whose intamcy I've had the pleasure of have been aroused by attention to neck/hairline, so perhaps it's just association....

What's with these guys and the bathrooms!!? And the tubs filled with bubbles!!? The girls are supposed to bathe BEFORE the shoot, not AS the shoot... Get out of the john!! And take some real pictures of this gorgeous girl!! Nice little 'rug' Amelie! ;o)

Gorgeous girl!!! I would have luved to see some more teasing with the towel at the end, and a few bent over rear view shots.

Amelie is absolutely gorgeous and the facial closeups proves that Leonardo can do closeups but as long as he continues to refuse to do closeups of his girls sweet parts he will continue to be my least favorite photographer.

Sorry Amelie, my low marks aren't for you. You are one of metarts best but I just can't give good marks for a set with not one decent intimate shot!

Amelie has a great butt, great eyes, nice eyebrows, and I like her tastefully groomed pubes. A very attractive lady.

Not the best set of Amelie B pictures I have seen but Amelie remains my favorite girl here on Met.

I retract my earlier statement about these, I have seen the light and think this is an awesome set, what was I thinking.

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