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Would it kill her to wear stockings?

Erro does a fine job even shooting 12MPX. I think the 39MPX is just too grainy. She should go see him. He'll make her shine! Amelie is the main reason I am on this site. She is simply the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Those killer blue eyes and long brown hair...umph! Incredible beauty! Look out Victoria's Secret! Here comes Amelie! WOW!

Why doesn't Met-Art take note of these comments?

I lost my Words! Oh such a Beauty Amelie is!!

Beautiful babe with a perfect tasty pussy

to be honest it is definitively a hard task to say who are the prettiest models here, but , Amelie has something more than other girls here.
It is not only a matter of beauty, but, mostly a matter of incredible charm.

Amelie is gorgeous but it just to bad the Leonardo did 119 facial shots and only 1 in focus photo of her lower half. I am so sick of these R rated sets. There were dozens of ideal poses but every one was out of focus.

I knew I was wasting my time looking at this set but Amelie is so hot I had to hope that maybe the set would be worth it. Sadly It wasn't.

I like Amelie a lot, but there's not a thing in this set to get excited about. Way too much make-up is just the beginning...

Does this clown know what the F-stop on a lens does?

Blurry butt shots.

her face? *shrug*
but her feet... make it worth downloading the set.

You are entitled to your opinion of course but I think Amelie is a stunner.

None of Leonardo's recent work has appealed to me. He seems to think that it is really cool and artistic to be over exposed and out of focus.
3 cheers for Catherine!

He seems to care not what the viewers think. He never responds to comments nor make any effort to change his style. I see negative responses to every one of his galleries but nothing changes. He fully understands the intricacies of focus and depth of field as well as lighting. It is obvious to a trained eye that these are not "mistakes" on his part. They are done with complete knowledge of what he is doing. He simply doesn't care what we think.

Catherine is just the opposite. Not only is she one of the best here she does care and works hard to communicate with her fans. Her work is excellent and getting better every time. The results show, She in second place on the photographers list which is a high honer indeed.

This woman drives me crazy!

She does indeed but Leonardo does too for exactingly the opposite reason.

I believe somebody's quotation about another set was "taken through the bottom of an old bottle". Leonardo needs a new camera, unless it was deliberate, if so he should know better. Great model, lousy photography.

Those gorgeous little hips need a good pounding.

This model deserves a better photographer. Better quality photography.

I'll have to agree with the general sentiment, that Amelie is a lovely subject but that this set could have been shot much better.

I'll have to agree with the general sentiment, that Amelie is a lovely subject but that this set could have been shot much better.

Page 6 is very flusterating. Out of 7 photos showing amelie wide open, 6 are blurred to the point of non visualization, is this leonardo's objective? If so, he succeeded perfectly.

The only "10" of the day.

I awarded the "10" more for Amelie than for the poor quality of the work.

Too many shots where the pussy is out of focus. nice poses, but the depth of field of the focus is not adjusted to capture all the model's lovely details.

Photos 104-110; Great sequence! Me encantaría a estar en ella bonito coño y mirando profundamente en esos bonitos ojos azules!! Me pueda justo imaginar la sensación maravillosa de estar profundo dentro de ella, bombeando mi grande, duro verga en ella bonito coño y luego sentir ella orgasmo mientras estoy mirando de ella hermoso cara y mirando profundo dentro esos hermosos ojos azules! Fantástico!

She has a smoking hot ass, and very well presented, love those doggy poses

Her eyes are hypnotic ...

I agree! Her beautiful, blue eyes are entrancing!

Regal beauty.

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! I luv her uninhibited posing!!!

Amelie is delicious in every respect.
poor light and poor focussing mars this otherwise a very nice set .

What a beautiful lady!! Gorgeous face and sexy eyes. Thanks Amelie.

  • 2 years ago:

Those eyes are most excellent!

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