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Model is great, beautiful, poses are great, just need a photographer who knows how to focus a camera!

Wow, she must be one of the most beautiful ladies on MetArt!

That first tag says it all. Amelie is absolutely gorgeous. One of the true 'standouts' on this site. I agree that this is a very good set for being shot outdoors. I also agree about the soft focus and missed opportunities for great close-ups. But in it's entirety, an excellent set. Amelie continues to amaze and thrill me with her stunning beauty!

In her entirety she is gorgeous and so perfectly toned.

Pretty face and perfect tits. I would like to see her hair managed so it is not covering her tits so often.

But it's lovely hair and it looks so good on her!

Who is making all these inappropriate tags? Gaping pussy, girl cum, huge labia, large labia, large lips, spread pussy, long lips?

None of these fits this model or this set :(

You can always just turn the tags off; I have

I treat this as more of an art site where these models deserve to be worshiped instead of a porn site.

The tags aren't just inappropriate. They're insulting. They're an insult to the models, to the photographers, and to the rest of the community (and judging by the comments, I'd say the majority is composed of decent people like you & I).

Maybe, you guys don't think of it as extreme, but I do.

This was discussed at length a few weeks ago. The conclusion was "Ignore the tags"... ;o) Most all sets are accompanied by irrelevent and ridiculous tags, the origin of which shall remain a mystery for the ages...lol

Amelie is one magnificent woman but the soft focus and lack of focused shots of those lovely lower lips is frustrating beyond words. Amelie is one of the few girls I have seen that has not punctured her lovely navel or inked that lovely skin. Thank you for that. It is so refreshing to see a woman who isn't driven to follow the crowd. She's one of the most lovely models here I just wish that Leonardo would get some nice clear focused shots of her:(

I believe you are mistaken. If you examine no.s 16, 54 & 55, you'll see that she HAS "inked that lovely skin". It's a small one and easily 'hidden' from sight (regretfully), but it's there. And it in no way diminishes her beauty OR her judgement!

Ah well, at least it's very discrete and it would take a lot to diminish her beauty. She still has one of the best bodies on the met!

Decent for an outdoor set. Of course, the right model is often the key and Amelie is tops. From her exquisite eyes to her well-manicured nether region, she got my attention right away. Those eyes, damn they could melt a man's heart. I like Zakks description "Other-worldly."

I so love when a gorgeous lady puts a flower in her hair.
( :

I am not usually a fan of outdoor sets but this set of Amelie pictures is outstanding. Amelie is looking as beautiful as ever.

Amelie is remarkably gorgeous in this aet. Lovely brown hair and enchanting blue eyes. Magnificent figure.

What a beautiful woman! Brilliant eyes, glass cutters, a hint of ribs when she stretches, bubble butt, and great labia. If you are a fan of beautiful big butts; Amelie and Leonardo deliver in this set. Bravo to both.

I agree with everything, but especially about Amelie's eyes. They are other-worldly.

I had given up on finding an adjective to describe her eyes, Zakk... "otherworldly" is spot-on.

p.s. Wherever it is, I want to visit that world! ( ;

It's called Nibiru. She's Annanaki. Some of the most beautiful people in the galaxy. For reals... ;o)

My bad... The 'traditional' spelling is 'Annunaki'... ;o)

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