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Amelie makes my heart jump every pic I look at! If I am not careful I am going to have a cardiac infarction! She's absolutely adorable! I cannot get enough of her. Thanks MetArt!

This gorgeous creature continues to thrill and delight!! Beautiful set!!

Amelie is Smokin Hot!
Gives new meaning to "Cooling a Pie in the Window".....
In her case Not Possible!
Beautiful work Leonardo!


...and who wouldn't want a slice?

Very nice set.I just can't stop falling in love with Amelie.

Image 12 would have been sensational if she was fully shaved: Beautiful pose with emphasis on a beautiful venus mound, but the black blotch spoils it.

Amelie does have a very nice mound, second only to her eyes. I prefer pic #10. Her very-well trimmed triangular patch doesn't take anything away from her beauty in this set IMHO.

But... If you want her bare, check out her January and February sets this year.

What really spoils #12 and the similar poses is the soft focus. The pose is perfect for highlighting her beautiful mound. I would have appreciated seeing at least one of the similar poses in perfect focus.

The eyes have it!

Oh yes!

What wouldn't 'most' women give to have eyes this totally captivating!?
Amelie captured my heart even before her clothes came off! Just an incredible beauty!!

The entire set: an uncredible flawless masterpiece!

Another great set of pictures from Leonardo, Amelie B is looking beautiful, all is right with the world.

Amelie, she of the gorgeous lips and hypnotic blue eyes, is back to prove that Ukraine has more beautiful women per capita than Kate Beckinsale's house. This is a lovely set, and it proves that even though Amelie has very few extra pounds on that little body, they're in all the right places. Very sexy.

lol, Kate is a hottie and so is Amelie.

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