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The repetitive nature of Amelie's poses is not her fault, it is the fault of the photographer.

Where is Tony Murano when we need him? He'd get some hot shots from this lovely girl.

Firstly, Amelie is gorgeous, would love to see more of her, including more intimate close-ups. I know, some of you think that's crass, but it IS possible to like those shots and still have admiration and respect for the woman herself and her face, eyes, expressions, etc. It's not either or.

All the talk about pubic hair seems over the top. The models choose what they do down there, not the photographer, not us. Granted, they take into consideration what most viewers would like, and most men like to see a woman's genitalia, and a thick bush can get in the way of seeing all the lovely parts. So for you bush lovers, the truth is you're in the minority.

Having said all that (if you are still reading, haha), I agree variety is nice, and I have NO objection at all to pubic hair. The comment that her trimmed bush looks unnatural- that may be true, but IMHO when making love to a woman, trimmed is the best of both worlds. Sometimes I wonder if the men writing these comments actually have a sex life. I hope so! So for me, I fantasize what it would be like to be alone with these stunning women (ha- in my dreams!), I guess that's why I don't like stubble, because I think it would be prickly and HURT if things got very vigorous. And I happen to like vigorous.

My two cents...

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

The thing is, Red, pubic hair is part of the genitalia.
Minority or not is beside the point.
There you go again, as Reagan said, casting aspersions on the sex life of people who you don't agree with! :-)
To me, this site is more about visual than anything. And I think pubic hair in whatever form, and body hair generally, enrichens the visual experience.
Hey, but my 2 cents ain't worth any mo' than yours! :-)

Well actually minority is pertinent, because MOST of the men want to see shaved, and MOST (but not all) of the photos are of shaved women. If you feel the ratio is unfair, that may be true, it's hard to know the preferences of all the viewers. You and I and some others speak up, but many don't (too busy wanking is my guess).

Gee Mr. President, I didn't mean to disparage the sex life of any MetArt viewers, I just hope all the hand-wringing about how the models look isn't a replacement for the real deal. But sometimes the posts make me wonder, that's all.

Indeed your two cents AND my two cents is still not enough to buy a cup of coffee!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

It's not pertinent to the facts about genitalia.
I admit this site's a big part of my sex life, as is erotica/porn generally.
Who cares :-?
Maybe we should scrounge around for another cup of coffee -- or glass of wine :-)

Good thinking, wine would be better. Actually I like martinis, as does my girlfriend. Cheers!

Sure Amelie's sets tend to be the same poses, but her beauty prevails. I agree with Doug's post about selective shaving of some body fuzz and some of the bush. Let it all go natural for a while, give the viewers something to look at, then trim it up, then shave it off, then start over again. 99% of MetArt models shave and wax everything. the viewers might like some variety. Let it grow, trim it back, let Amelie's beauty shine through all it is.

I agree with you about variety. This is pretty much the same style Amelie has always had, with more or less on the top. I wouldn't mind seeing her at either extreme, if it is her choice. Women are always changing their hairstyles, and many not just the hair on their head. Some models have shown a full spectrum of body hair in their tenure. One of the things I like at MA is the ability to see the same model with different grooming styles in different sets over time.

Amelie has beautiful hypnotic eyes, and that is my top attraction to her. I will always enjoy her beauty no matter how she keeps her hair down there.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

You're right. I was just going to say there are a few on this site who do show variety with their body hair, Kristel in particular. It may seem kind of obvious to some of us that this variety is interesting and exciting, but evidently that notion has not spread too far yet on MetArt. If we keep talking about it, about the sexiness of women's body hair, maybe it will catch on...
And break down some of the strange but huge resistance to it that has so much sway still.

I agree with all the above, I like that Amelie varies her grooming also, and it would be great to see more models do the same here.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

12: nice use of flare.
Doe-like, bedroom eyes...after a while want to see a different look.
Needless to say it's good to see some hair on that body!
On my display the light of this set is too yellow, needing more red.
She seems out of place in that kitchen, unless VS models are now doing nude housework scenes :-) (for all I know they are!)
39 -- you don't have to shave that hair to see the labia, btw.
This set has an antiseptic, almost clinical look, lacking everyday or domestic warmth.*
49: she's very pretty -- it would be interesting to see her "unposed", uncomposed -- in a "real" moment. Would make that "bush" more exciting, too.
52 -- a real bush has a wildness this lacks. But it's better than nothing :-)
I'd swear some of these shots are duplicates!
95 -- interesting belly-shave! But really, honey, you should let it be wild. Your looks can stand it :-)
This demonstrable fear of body hair verges on the absurd.
111 -- yep, no problem with her looks! :-)

* the flood of artificial light loses skin texture and detail.

  • Gary
  • 11 months ago:

Amelie is gorgeous with a perfect, toned body and hot, firm sexy tits. I'd like to see her grow all her pubic hair. This lower-half-shaved look is unnatural looking. Probably too much to ask, but I'd like to see her grow her underarm hair as well. Unfortunately the trend on this site seems the opposite.

A model immediatly naked as a chocolate paperless.
But how can we not say thank you to the beautiful Amelie immediately offering all her charms?
Wonderful Amelie boring photos

A model immediatly naked as a chocolate paperless.
But how can we not say thank you to the beautiful Amelie immediately offering all her charms?
Wonderful Amelie boring photos

Hurrah for hairy twats!

Sí, tienes que amar coños peludos! (;

Amelie is a beautiful woman. There is not a lot of variety in the poses and thats ok with me since I like them all. This is a great way to start my day!

I agree with your statement concerning Amelie. I would actually stress it a little stronger. However, I disagree with your third statement, it is not alright. Leonardo once again has produced a set that is not his usual quality. We wait for models like Amelie to be posted. I think it is wrong to be disappointed with pics that look exactly the same. When you are looking at the set and you are hoping the next page is better, then it is disappointing!

Amelie, you are looking stunningly beautiful in your pictures today. I am always glad too see you here on Met and already I cannot wait for the next set to arrive.

Agreed Monkey! This girl is amazing!! The beautiful bedroom eyes, the perfect butt and all that hair just kill me. I'm in love and cant wait for her next set either!!

Amelie is quite irresistible.

Lovely girl. Beautiful blue eyes. Prettiest mouth in Ukraine—and that's saying something.

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