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What a waste of a beautiful model. Amelie is a 10 this set I gave a 2. this is one of the worst sets I have seen in the 3 years I have been a member.This set should have never been put on this site.I could take better pictures than this.

omg these eyes!!!

I was really looking forward to a set with Amelie. I so love her amazing eyes! The wash-out and glare in many of the photos leaves me somewhat disappointed overall about this set. This is not a good quality.

It seems to be a common theme in member comments today - everyone loves Amelie, but not the photography.

The lighting is quite irritating in some shots, so Amelie has to carry the set. She manages quite well as a beautiful woman taking her pants off is one of life's supreme moments.

If Leonardo is using his camera's AF functionality then I can't figure out how Leonardo can produce so many out-of-focus shots. With a digital medium format sensor no less. Does he purposely drop his camera on a cement floor before he shoots his models? Has he had his eyes examined? Has he cleaned the front and back elements on his lenses? And I just don't get his infatuation with over-exposure and back-lighting. If he really wants to blow-out highlight on certain areas of a model I've got a more effective technique for him to try: power-off the camera.

I am speechless in the presence of such beauty. A man could search the globe his whole life and possibly not find a more perfect example of female sexuality then Amelie B. This girl is absolutely perfect.

One of the first thing you learn in photography is to not shoot with the sun behind your model. So why is it artistic to disobey this rule? One of Leonardo's talents is the great colors in his sets so why forget all that on one of his best models?

She is hot, the photographer is not.

Love it, skinny girl eating a cheese burger!

flag the light, diffuse the flare, or move the chair…. Keep the lens clean as well. Common, basic technical decisions that go hand in hand with quality photography –– artistic or not. This is an example of how to make an incredibly beautiful model, look less so.

Agree with hiphot131. Washed out and overexposed = a waste of a model and space on the site.

I'm not just a fan of this sun glare that washes out every colour here and there.

But in spite of everything: This is one of the best photo sets ever.

The extraordinary beauty of Amelie and her poses are breathtaking.

a gorgeous girl. lovely blue eyes, delicious boobies and pussy.

My favourite lady back on Met, it's a day to be celebrated. Amelie you look awesome in these pictures.

I love the model but I hate these washed out back lit photo sets

If a lesser model were in this set I'k give it a 3. Amelie gets a 9 because she's so beautiful. She'd have a 10 of to weren't for the damn sun glare, an annoying case of "art" getting in the way of Art. The glare served no aesthetic purpose. it just obscured one of MetArt's most beautiful models—and a Ukrainian to boot!

Agreed! Not artistic, irritating!

I don't like the sun glare either, but damn... those ethereal silver eyes get me every time.

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