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Yes, I am becoming very sleepy....I shall follow Amelie around like a lost puppy... O_o

Amelie looks super-hot in this set! Love the pics where she's holding her legs and showing her ass, drives me crazy!

what could I say about Amelie and this photo set ? only a simple word : perfection.
Amelie is getting slowly one of the best model here on this website and , I have noticed she has became bolder with some pose of hers and I am sure she will deserve us lots of surprises.
great Amelie ! and, of course, her photographer Arkisi, did a great job too
Never forget that even though a girl could appear very pretty and perfect, the person that takes the photos does it matter a lot !

Thanks Arkisi, and Amelie B. Finally photography equaling the beauty of this wonderful woman. Excellent.

This has to be my favorite set of Amelie so far. Arkisi brings her to us like we have not seen before. This set is a prime example of why I like to see the same model through different lenses. We MA members are fortunate, you can't get that on most other sites.

Excellent set!

Another fantastic set of erotic photographs!

Just amazing, beautiful, sexy work, Amelia and Arkisi.

What a day. What a day. What a day!

BTW, your nails are super sexy, Amelia.

Birthday Cake, I cannot say it better. Amelie is just amazing. I agree 100% with you on her super sexy nails, though I would like to add the red color on her nails is extremely beautiful.

Amelie, you are certainly the best.

I looked up "fox" in my dictionary...lo and behold, there was a picture of Amelie.

The excellent quality of the set is beyond controversy. But the trousers unbuttoned and dropped too directly.

Oh my!! Finally, a set as exquisite as the model herself!! THIS is a masterpiece Arkisi!! Amelie is a masterpiece!! Magnificent in every delicious detail!!

God job from Arkisi. Amelie has a very nice skin like a Strawberry. She has also an amazing body... Kisses beautiful Angel from Switzerland:-)

For anyone whose tastes run to the exotic/sultry (as mine do), this model is a treasure.

Amelie is wondrously and achingly beautiful, and with her greater attention to detailed grooming, is the epitome of ravishing womanhood in this set. Her look is timeless, her eyes filled with knowledge of her power, and all her "bits" are sublime - literally from tip to toe. An enormous privilege to view this masterpiece. Thank you Amelie, Arkisi and MetArt.

Amelie, you have never looked this beautiful, this desirable, this sexy.
Amazing set ~ kudos to whoever did Amelie's makeup and brought out her eyes and lips.
For sheer cuteness/sauciness, my favorite shot would have to be # 9. "Spank me... if you dare!" ( ;

You don't know what I would give to spank that behind!

#9 is a 'cheeky' shot, #13 also has its charms. I think I would dare and suffer the consequences.

Who knows... the consequences might not be unpleasant whatsoever... ( ;

Stunning lady, stunning set.

Rear of the year IMO .

gorgeous girl. good work Arkisi

Arkisi presents an excellent set of the very beautiful Amelie B.
IMO, Arkisi is one of the best photographers on the Met Art network, he consistently brings "us" first class, top notch, galleries of every model he shoots.

Amelie has the most incredible 'bedroom eyes.' All it would take is one look, and she could have most men following her like eager puppies.

Pictures 58 and 60 are my favourites, but this whole set is a gem.

I could stare into those eyes and easily become hypnotized!

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