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What a way to start the new year! This is the first set I have looked at in 2014 and I cant think of a better way to bring in the new year then looking at one of the world's most beautiful women. Those sparkling blue eyes are mesmerizing. Her body is to die for, it's stunningly perfect. I'm also thrilled she grew the bush back. I love the way it frames her beautiful pussy and compliments her long hair. Amelie is an absolute goddess. 2014 is going to be a great year!!! :)

Agree with most of the comments here. She is stunning, no doubt about it. I concur that more revealing poses & some close-ups would make the set better.

On a technical note (not that anyone is listening), flash color balance is almost always more blue than sunlight. This is especially true with portable strobes that you take on locations such as this. A warm-up gel over the flash does wonders. Don't overdo it, just a slight warm-up gives you a much more pleasing balance of your model and the background.

Amelie's petite bod works both with clothes and without. Just as sexy dressed. I just wish we had more sets with Ariski or Catherine, maybe. There is more to her than Leo shows....

Amelie is another Ukrainian girl who has the carry the cross of incredible beauty, a perfect figure, and over-all sensuality in this life. I don't know how all the Ukrainian boys and girls who swing that way can take it.

One of my favourites, such a real beauty. Thanks.

My gawd, Amelie.

You are a woman worth fighting for.

Truly GOOD looking women like Amelie have beautiful high cheekbones, which NO amount of makeup can fake.

Those eyes.....

....are amazing!

And that's just the beginning...
...the list continues on and on...


Blue set from Leonardo for the last day in 2013. Well made Leonardo:-) Amelie show us the blue of Paradise in Wonderland. She's a really Dream Beauty kissable and lickable all over:-):-):-) Thank You to show us Yours Sweeties Amelie. Happy 2014 to You... And Leonardo too...

Amelle, Simply lovely. Queen of the sultry eyes. Few models can pull off that sultry look with any aplomb but Amelle does it without effort. Those sky blue eyes are almost haunting but to gaze deeply into them is to be pulled into her web. In shots where she purses those lovely lips I am pulled toward the monitor wishing I could press my lips against hers and feel her power coursing through me. Her butt is for snuggling and I want to put my nose in her hair and smell her fresh feminine sent while my lips caress her lovely ears and that long slender neck. Oh Darn! guess I'd better wake up before it's too late but what lovely dreams she conjures.

Stunning set as always from Amelie and Leonardo. Great words Hipshot, I could not have said it better.

Indeed, hipshot... Amelie is feminine mystery and allure incarnate... dressed or un-.

Myshkin nailed it once again. It's as though Leonardo ordered up that particular shade of blue for the sea that day, just to set off Amelie's wonderful eyes. Then there is the beautiful face, with those delicious lips; there's the pussy of my dreams and the most kissable bottom in Ukraine. Sigh.

Whilst I agree that Amelie is as enchanting as always, with those sparkling blue eyes, I am always disappointed at the absence of any real ass shots. She seems very shy about revealing the intimate secrets of her lower cleavage – which contrasts with her otherwise self-confident demeanour. It is such a shame as she has one of the most beautifully shaped asses of any model. Perhaps Leonardo can persuade her to be more generous to us in the New Year?

Check out Arroan by Arkisi, the only set she has done with a different artist. You will see what her sets COULD look like

the problem is not Amelle it's Leo. He more into the scenery than the close in work. Look back through his sets and you will find this is his style, not the models.

Eyes, shorts, sea, sky, and blanket --- a symphony in blue, leaving the viewer anything but! xxxxxxx

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