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I love tatoos.
I hate photoshop.

I am still wondering why all of Flora's sets look like they were shot with some cheap click'n'shoot?

I am sure her gear cost more than my car - so why artificially make things look worse?

Does not make any sense for me.

Great set! Amelie is smoking-hot! Love the razor stubble look. More please.

Amelia naked on bed = Heaven on earth.

It seems to be that Flora has a good feeling for jobs with Amelie:-) The stunning Brunette show us how sweet she is... And we enjoy Her a lot... Thank You to show us all Your sweetness Amelie and Kisses all over to You:-):-):-)

Imagine a hairless woman with tattoos of hair.

How would bare fearing, ink hating, met members react? Would brains break?

No, heads would ~ literally ~ explode! First though, there would be dramatic and amusing gouts of steam issuing from ears and eyes that go from bloodshot to burst! LOL

Some very nice images of neck and back. Definitely worth the aspirin required by the stunning stupid stripes straining the eyes.

Amaelie is a vsry beautiful girl who badly needs to shave,or better yet wax. Also,the first page is a waste of time in my book.Pages 2-6 are what it's all about (or should be)Amelie's beauty(other than the severe case of 5oçlock shadow in the nether regions.) This is neither Flora's or Amelie's best, I just barely gave it a 10,and thought about a 9

Amelie has a great video by Flora on EA. That's a large part of why I was disappointed in this,a much lesser work.

Thank goodness Amelie has found a good photographer at last! When Amelie offers a closeup shot we get a good closeup and when she starts being coy we get some very good portraits. We all know you are a top model Amelie, stay with a top photographer. Full marks both of you - a top set!

Thank Goodness at Last! We are saved from those idiots awfully chosen in the past by our poor misused muse!

Just look at image 49 of "curaçao"! Horrors and Nightmares! Denim Doomed by a Dastardly Daguerreotype Doofus!

Wow, Sex and Passion!!! Lovely set!

Smoldering looks from Amelie which made a very hot photo set. But the killer shot, the last one. Looks like that will cause accidents!

I'd like to see this model on video!

Hi Will93518! video coming soon)

Flora, The set is nice but a bit less light and a bit more contrast would have made it much better.

US choice ass.

Does it say "Keep your memory" or "Half your money" ?

Another GREAT set of the incredibly beautiful and sexy Amelie!!
I love how Flora has turned up the "steam" with this gorgeous girl!!

beautiful face, beautiful black hair, beautiful blue eyes, beautiful boobs and nipples, gorgeous legs and ass, and above all a super gorgeous neatly shaved pussy. many thanks to Emelie and flora for the open legs shots and the multiple shots to Emelies pussy from all angls.

a wonderful set

Flora really brings out the best of Amelie, and that's saying a lot, as she was always spectacular with other artists. It seems Flora brings out the smoldering sensuality in Amelie.

Oh yeah!

Sorry, the large tattoo is too much. Why do these beautiful women want to do such things to themselves?

I too am not a fan of tattoos and would agree that it slightly mars this young woman's beauty. The fact remains, however, that she is still a fantastic model with a particularly beautiful ass and pussy.

I, too, hold this opinion / question.

I simply do not understand the need to put graffiti on the work of art that is the female form.

I have asked the female members to try and explain this puzzle for me, but so far, no answers have been forthcoming.

True enough -- I disagree with their choice to do this. But I have always felt that if you agree / disagree with something -- that is not enough. You MUST know WHY IT IS!

LOL The question with a million different answers... But they all boil down to the same thing..."self-expression"....;o)

I keep asking myself this and I think there are many reasons. 1 it sort of a right of passage, girls need to prove themselves as much as guys do (to their own self mostly)"See I'm a big girl, I can take the pain" It's a way of saying I'm different, not to mention it's a fashion fad. Whatever it is it sucks but it's here to stay. I am glad the metart discourages it. Maybe it will prevent a few anyway.

For any young woman out there I would just like to say------

How about a large tattoo on the hip: "Speaker of What Attracts All Guys"

Amen, brother !

terrible thig

Wow what a sexy set.

Amelie is red hot with such a very very sensuous mouth - she has clearly got into the spirit of this one... marvelous!

More please!

I am no April fool visiting Met this morning, especially when the lovely Amelie is here. Amelie you look as lovely as ever. Great photography Flora, I can see a lasting partnership forming.

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