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Amelie and those eyes of hers really are something! She has a whole catalog of sexy looks! There is much more to her than a pretty face, and I suspect that many of us would like to see more than Leonardo is willing to give (or to focus on).

Hipshot is correct, how can you have Amelie laying back with open legs and not snap off a couple of (zoomed/focused) shots of that delightful nether area? And yes, Rock, Amelie's sets with other photogs smoked, esp. Flora.

Okay, It's still our favorite Amelie, so I'll take it and wonder what could have been.

Green is my favourite color. I like this set by Leonardo... A picnic with Her would be fantastic!!! What for a Sweet Dessert is Amelie:-) Totally delicious from Head to Toes, miau:-)

As hipshot131 says Amelie is stunning but bluntly put apart from portrait work Leonardo is a bloody awful photographer. This an erotic site and Amelie is trying to be an erotic model. With any other photographer she is fantastic. Like rachsback says please go back to Flora or Arkisi.

Or Rylsky or DG, or Catherine

Absolutely FLAWLESS

Amellie is knock dead gorgeous in every way and the site is great. I reall love the the way her hair is done. Lovely colors, great poses but this set has one glaring flaw as with the majority of Leo's sets and that is the only closeups are facial and he completely ignores Amellie's awesome vulva! Every photo concentrates on her beautiful face, which I admit is awesome, but portraits are not what you come to an erotic site for. Amellie gives him ample opportunity for some great closeups of that PP but he gives us nothing but wide angles. I really want to like his work because it is otherwise very good but until he gets off of his high horse and gives us the shots we come for he will be a fail for me. This set is a waste of Amellie's talents and extraordinary beauty.

10++++++ for Amellie 5 for Leonardo.


OMG! What a little beauty!!!

I think the blanket should have been any other color except green. Other than that...what a face; as soon as my heart rate returns to normal I hope to get something productive done today.

Captivating lady!

Amelie is just absolutely magnificent as always... Leonardo...not so much!! Lots of 'blown' shots as usual! I hope we see more of Amelie by Flora or Arkisi... Flora's sets are outstanding!!

I totally agree (about Amelie AND Leonardo's wayward times) and ...I know it's going to sound awfully unseemly, but I'd love to try to suck those tiny nipples off her great breasts.

But then they'd be gone, along with much pleasure for her...;o)

I always enjoy Amelie's sexy blue eyes and amazing body.

Boy oh boy, Amelie has lovely eyes.

She is a beautiful woman, with many ~ many noteworthy physical features.

This visit is very pleasing and for some reason I stopped to view and admire Leila's eyes even more than usual.

10s for Amelie and Leonardo.


Silly old fart me, sorry Amelie.

Totally gorgeous and hot!

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