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Very nice girl, but poor photographer's work. The set is monotonous and boring. She deserves better photographer.

because of the lighting issues and the yellow incandescent hue cast throughout the set...it's tough to give a 10. On the other hand, Amelie is so desirable. Cat like eyes, beautiful skin, natural breasts, beautiful legs combine to make this old Tom Cat want to howl at the moon!

The model is hot. The lighting was not.

The yellow cast ruins otherwise gorgeous photographs.

Not for me...;o)

Those eyes! She has the sexiest eyes on Metart! The messages they send are clear and so irresistible. I would question any man who could look into those eyes and walk away. As usual Amelie is flawlessly beautiful and as sexy as it gets. I give her a 10++++ But the photography drags the rating for the set down. Once again Leo is so busy shooting her face that he almost completely ignores that beautifully groomed vulva. Only two well focused shots in the whole set. There are 8 count-em 8 side shots in a row featuring only that impressive mound and quite a few spread shots all of which focus on her face. The outdoor shots were well staged with the cruise ship in the background but the quality sucks! Way over exposed and faded looking.

hip, I liked having a shot of Amelie's very nice mound, but don't know that we needed 8 of them. It's a crime that only two shots on her vulva were focused.

I found the yellow light from the side to be an undesirable effect. Nearly all of Amelie's other sets are rated higher, so it must be photography that drags the rating down like you say. Amelie is a favorite and the eyes have it!

Amelie is a wonderful little treasure. A great, tight little body with an astounding mons veneris cloaked in a perfectly trimmed bush. And a face that could stop your heart with beautiful warm brown eyes and a mischievous little smile that graces most of her photo sets.

Too bad Leonardo has blown it badly again with a poor mix of overexposed flash and an annoying use of interior incandescent lighting as an "accent" light.

As for the outdoor shots, again, failure to correctly use the equipment results in a series of poorly presented shots.

High marks for Amelie - slightly average to poor for Leonardo.

This young lady is a treat. She has a nice cooter and a pretty smile.

Right. Tease us with a beautiful opening scene and then move indoors for the standard "girl on a bed" shoot. This is getting more like an anatomy lesson than art.

Beautiful set. I can't believe the ratings are so low.

Pictures 14 and 44 are just classic.

Lovely delta trim beckons for exploratory expedition!

The lighting and color control was awful.

The pubic mound pics are superb. Too bad so many women have decided pubic hair is something to be ashamed of. I love it.

"something to be ashamed of"!!?? Yer talkin' out your ass again gary!!!

Leonardo is no DeVinci, but Amelie is surely a natural "work of art"!
I find myself hoping that this is an old set, and that she will remain in the lense of a real artist...Flora! I find it distasteful to rag on any artist, but this guy just doesn't get "erotic photography"! So many great shots totally ignored or ill-focused. I'll keep it, but only because it's Amelie who I love dearly!!

Agreed! After Flora shot her, how could we go back to someone else?


Is yellow Leonardo's new favourite colour?

First I thought I'm on a W4B site ......

Unimaginative photography, pretty model, not her best

Too yellow.

I love this beautiful girl in this photo set. Her pussy is shaved unlike her newest set where she is not shave. She wonderful, but much better when shaved.

There are some fascinating lighting issues throughout this set.
What I like about the opening shots is how the light blue color of her eyes "pops" out in most of them. ...can you imagine walking down the street with Amelie, and how all eyes would be on the two of you?
For the rest of the set, I'm afraid I'm quite spoiled by Flora's evocation of Amelie's sensual side in their collaborations, but in this set Leonardo comes as close to that standard as any other artist has. Quite simply, when she is in the mood, Amelie is a sexual dynamo, and that comes through quite vividly.

One other quibble: very pretty panties, several very nice shots from behind, but in the shots from in front the panties are all distorted or pulled aside. Some undistorted shots would have been very nice.

I think these r great pics of her beautiful mons. More mons!!!

Agreed. this girl is a goddess. everything about her turns me on, but that beautiful hairy mons put me over the edge!!

Leonardo's Set:-) ♥Amelie♥ is really a Sexy Girl in every way from Head to Toes... Her Adorable Vagina seems to say:"Kiss me" ♥, but I would kiss Her gladly all over ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank You Angel Amelie to be here and to show us all Your Beauties... Come back soon, please♥

Amelie is undeniably stunning, as always, but this is a very ordinary set of photographs.

Agreed. Beautiful woman. Lousy photos.

It's always great to see Amelie here on Met. Stunning as always Amelie.

Just wow. What a beautiful woman.

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