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Amelie is very beautiful,and posing her in the remains of the old defense works at Sevastopol shows this was probably taken last year.There's a lot of fighting in that part of the Ukraine since The Russian Federation invaded the Crimean peninsula to seize it's base at Sevastopol.Fenex posed Sofi A in those ruins in "Meditation" Also the use of spotlight pictures against the night coming on over the Black Sea is great for girls with Amelie's coloring. Voronin started that with Jenya D in "Darkness" I gave this set 10++++,its very beautiful.

Another amazing beauty from the Ukraine! That country should be declared a world genetic heritage site and protected!

Amelie B is a flawless beauty. Of all the the gorgeous girls on this site. Amelie B will always be #1 in my eyes.

Amelie's hauntingly lovely eyes are her trade mark feature. They are what sets her apart form other models. Looking at them up close in high res they are very unusual indeed and quite fascinating. At a normal distance they look light blue but up close they are grey with blue highlights. I don't think I have ever seen any like that. It would be easy to imagine her as a goddess with magic eye that could capture a mans soul. She has a fantastic body with extremely lovely features and proportions but it's the eyes that enchant and draw you in.

This must be an older set because it is Leonardo's old style with only long shots and no closeups. A real same that there were no intimate closeups of that lovely flower. It is an interesting setting and I would love to know where it is.

Flora has what in all other respects is a wonderful video of Amelie over on EternalDesire.com, except that in 90% of it, Amelie's eyes are closed or her gaze is averted... one of only two Flora vids I've seen thus far that I could identify a problem with. ( :
Her other vids with Amelie are ~ needless to say ~ impeccable...

Are you sure she isn't blind?

Leonardo's Sea Style!!! Another ♥Mermaid Doll♥ is this Sweety ♥Amelie♥ ♥ ♥ OMM, Oh My Miau!!!

One of my very favorite girls, in one of my VERY LEAST favorite settings!
And I have a great place for Leonardo to stick that 39meg camera!!
If this wasn't Amelie, it would get a 3!!

You got that right !!

I'm not sure what she's standing on, but it looks like a left-over from a WW II beach defense.

Yea, what are those big concrete tripod anchor things? I've seen them in at least one other set here.

They are reef blocks. They are made for building break waters and surf control.

Among other things they are also used to make dams. There's an old Inna q movie by Voronin showing her on top of the dam. It's a Russian construction technique

Amelie has got amazing dead eyes,I love her different look.

A much better term is haunting

"dead" ?!?

dead in a nice way

Get a thesaurus... I'm sure there's a better word for what you're trying to say... There can be no "nice way" to say her eyes are "dead".

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

When I was reviewing this set the words hauntingly beautiful came to mind. Even when selecting a cover image I found myself stuck staring at certain images. Its as if Amelie can peer through your soul :P

"Hypnotic" is the word everyone is searching for.

that's the word I'm looking for ,Thank you

"mesmerizing" and "enthralling" come to mind as well... ( :

The Viking likes her... A LOT !

The Viking has "no patience"...and A LOT of it! History is my witness.

The Viking likes her... A LOT !

Amazing job with the lighting! The first couple of shots, I was sure she was shot against a backdrop.

Great photoset! Almost every photo a masterpiece!

Someone said that women are from Venus, and looking into Amelie's eyes, I think that must be true... they are ethereal and otherworldly and so fascinating. I envy Leonardo for having gotten to look into them in real life... ( :

In answer to Ian Thomas's search for the right word to describe Amelie's eyes (see above), I like yours the best, "otherworldly."

Very powerful... ( :

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