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so she gets finally rid of those stockings and ... puts her shoes back on... noooooooo why? whyyyy?

also: not a fan of so much hair.

I had to wait 3 years to see her again. now someone said it is not new. o god demmed. what did we do. what did she did. i want to see new more sets many times. i know you can do it.

An older set, but I'll take it!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

60 -- how a woman is supposed to look :-)
69 -- I want that muff dropped down on my nose! :-)
74 -- sly, sultry -- she's got a sneaky seductiveness...
77 -- sensual fun!

This set needed one more good open pussy shot. I'm left disappointed, but glad to have "met" Anabelle :-)

  • Jeff
  • 6 months ago:

Pleased to see the bus is not completely dead and buried. Not sure about under arm hair though, nut bring back the bus I say.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

The bush will rise again :-)

And the underarm hair goes right with it, at least when the woman is nude :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Should add it may seem dead and buried on this site, but in the real world? No way :-)

Oh my god! Where did this beauty come from?? Her breasts are out of this world! Her ass is stellar! Her eyes are stunning! And that hair:) all that beautiful hair! Her bush is ravishing! Her armpits are so sexy! Please don't shave! Your natural look is SO refreshing. This young girl is a straight up goddess!!!

Pretty Anabelle deserves much better from Rylsky

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

This is not the world's greatest set, and the low score reflects that to some extent. I would say a full point is lost because of the hair, too. But at least we don't yet read nasty hair-hating misogynist comments here at the moment. Those guys keep their mouths shut as they give the set a low score. I guess that's progress of a sort... :-)

I love visits from lovely Anabelle. Fans of the natural woman appreciate a gallery like this. I could be wrong but it looks as though she weighs more than 99 pounds; just a comment, nothing catty implied.

The photographer delivered 115 images, I like lots of them.

Okay Doug, Gary, here you go! Hair lovers rejoice.

Met needs to update her bio, she was only shaved in her very first set in 2011, she has been natural since.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I finally got here, kilroy!
I just can't keep up with the pace!
Yeah, she's interesting and unusual. Knew nuthin' of her.
You can see how the bush covers up what guys want to see.
However, I love looking at the fur! :-)
That hair is there in part to protect those tender bits.
What would really be hot would be for her to part it, move it out of the way, so that we could see her clit better.
Guess that's too sexy for Met! :-)

I like how the underarm hair contrasts with her shoulders and breasts... :-)

Doug, I don't think it's too sexual for MA, some of the "natural" girls take the effort to part the hair, just like our favorite girls take the effort to part their labia for us... it's up to the model and artist, I believe.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'm glad to hear that, fer_realz; haven't seen it myself.
Back in the old days, maybe?
Unless I'm forgetting.
There can't be too much of it since I've been around, because there have been so relatively few hairy sets; I can only think of one or two where the hair appears fully grown out.
Maybe that will change? We'll see more grownups here :-?
I'm not holding my breath, but there have been some encouraging signs... :-)
There -- I cursed it :-)
The pedophiles are gonna scream bloody murder! :-)))

I empathize. After all, everyone has agreed that not liking what I like is the only diagnostic criteria needed to identify a puppy pinching, granny groping, book burning, fingernail filing, tribble tromping, donkey de-tailing, mass murdering, candy cane carrying hospital volunteer.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

As Rylsky would say, :-)))

We is who we is! :-)

Some of us are just born scapegoats. Here to receive all the nasty projections of an unseeing world... :-)

Now now now, Doug, you know I'm not prejudiced to natural or to shaved. ...just 'cos I think some of the models look hot shaved doesn't make me a pedophile! ( :
Having said that, I think you are right... I think the pendulum is swinging back toward the "natural" direction right now.
However, I suspect that what we will see with this new pendulum swing is not that everyone will be all natural all the time. Rather, I think we'll see models going back and forth between natural and shaven more often, with stops at every stage in between.
It's going to be interesting to watch, either way... ( :

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

You are echoing how I see it -- or I'm echoing you.
The thing is, I like it shaved too -- as long as there's hairy to compare it to.
It's like, what's the point of shaving it/waxing it if we never get to see what got removed?
Do you really want us to believe you have no body hair, like a prepubescent?
I don't get the appeal, but there is no doubt some guys love this. I loosely refer to them as pedophiles :-) You yourself have said a woman looks younger with her body hair removed... :-)
Semantics aside, see my babe Kristel. She does look more girlish in the shaved Sironi sets, more womanly in the "hairy" Rylsky ones. She's not the only one who mixes it up, but she may be the most famous/notorious for doing so at this time. She does it explicitly, emphatically, either/or, with a little stubble in-between :-)
And I want her to go back to unshaven with Rylsky! Or Sironi, if he will tolerate it.
Are you listening, Krissy? :-)))

One more thing: I love the wildness of a woman's body hair, especially under the arms. It just fits with the nature of sex, of human sexuality.
It's odd -- in today's world, getting rid of it is modesty's last vestige -- there's nothing left to hide...

I agree, I'm sure we're basically repeating each others' points. No problem with that. ( :
And I totally agree about the underarm hair as well. I've never encountered underarm hair that was anything but silky and soft in texture. Very erotic in its own way.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Yes, quite so. The shaved stuff is rough to the touch (though sexy in its own way :-)
I've always thought of it as pubic hair you get to see for free :-)
Guys such as Rock are mystified by its appeal, to the point he thinks I'm bs-ing him or crazy. But that hair is definitely sexual, and signals sex to a considerable percentage of men.
Learn something new every day, don't we, Rock :-?
So you can see why I go ballistic when some "artist" paints it over with Photoshop.
We'll save further ranting for another set :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

...nothing left to hide, that is, when you let your body hair be. Except, I guess, for the bare skin underneath... :-)
C'mon, girls, show us what you've got! :-)
You're here to do that, aren't ya :-?
And for the jerks and wimps who can't bear it, I say tough.
Time to grow up :-)

And count me as one who hopes she stays natural!

  • 6 months ago:

Love, love, love the pubic hair. Love it. Beautiful girl as well. We don't see of this beauty often enough.

Anabelle is also able to pull off looking good with the underarm hair, not all models can do that. Love the bush. Long live the bush. The stockings and heels add a nice touch too.

  • 6 months ago:

Agreed on all counts.

What?! No clothes around her waist?! What the hell happened?!

A positive step, Rylsky, well done! Remember: the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. I'm so pleased for you that you've had the courage to photograph this model with her stockings on her legs and not tied around her head (as would presumably be your usual style).

Mostly unjustified. Still funny. I am confident that unjustified but still funny was the intent and goal of our good fellow.

if you visit some town 3 days in 100 years and it was rainy days - will you say that this town is rainy?

Now you look the same. click on "rylsky", count how many galleries are on MetArt Network from Rylsky, think about usual style, make some noise (maybe like snakes do).

To be honest I would become a member of your site if I had the money! I'm a hypocrite! Besides, just because the models have their clothes around their waist doesn't make them any less beautiful!! ;)

...and sure we have possibility to use piracy sites with stolen content. but you must buy antivirus + anti-spyware, be ready that you will lose comments, interaction, interface, download speed, and you will know that you stole the money from the models and they will send virtual F*** y** ..s instead of their smiles to you.

Well, when I was subscribed to some sites and if I wanted to make savings - my choice was to switch sites or wait for special offers during season. I know this possibility is working inside MA Network for sure. I saw multiple special offers during 2012-2013. If you want something and want to save - you have to wait. It's only my opinion and only if you REALLY like it to buy. Not my own advertising!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

That's right, Rylsky, the first step to kicking your habit is to admit you're addicted! :-)))

Such a beautiful, feminine, sexy woman. Image # 48 did me in. ( :

I was blabbering like an idiot by the time I got to #6. I haven't been right since...

Magnificent photo set except for photos #26 and #93 where you, Rylsky, chopped off the top of Anabelle's head. That really ruins a great facial/head shot.

I am glad to see Anabelle back on Met. Such a beautiful way to start the day!

I am glad to see Anabelle back on Met. Such a beautiful way to start the day!

It's the double post glitch again!

The return of an interesting asiatic beauty with classic & absolute flawless breasts.

Some extraordinary good shots of this ravishing model!

What a sweet, kissable face. # 110 is a magical portrait. Let me be the first xxxxxx

  • Neil
  • 6 months ago:

A very rare visit with a very pretty young woman. Very nice.

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