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As soon as I saw the cover, Simultaneously I thought:1) Rylsky, 2) I bet I like it, 3) I bet the score is relatively low. And so it was. The same thing happened with his "vihaky" with Night from 5 July. I am happy to see that numerical appreciation for that one has increased, as that one of my favorites on the site.

I can't think of any artist who does better with dark hair and light skin. Especially with the face. The color scheme, all neutral, except for the one color, is also a strength of our photographer. In the recent "citta" with Night, it was green, she looked great.

While I'm not fond of fabric bunched round the midriff, the white as backing for the mons was effective. Our artist is good with sequences showing a progression of images with small changes. Some sequences are better than others, of course. I am less displeased here than others seem to be.

The pillow hug in 64 is a charmer. It may have charmed more with the top of her head.

No.64 is his trademark "headchop"... He has no qualms about chopping heads off...unfortunately...

One thumb for each paragraph.

What draws me to Anabelle is her strong resemblance to Anna Torv...one of my very favorite actors! Red and black is my favorite color combo too, so this set really stands out for me! Repetitive it is, but what a very appealing and beautiful subject to repeat! However...I too don't get the nightie going back on for the final sequence...??? Please explain maestro...

it was 2 says - 1st part is her first nudes in her life, then we meet another day and made 2nd part of this set.
R-U satisfied now?

I'll assume you meant "2 days"...Not "2 says".

Satisfied with explanation...not result. Seems to me easy enough to put in proper order. But Thank you for explaining.

Thank you for interest.

yes, TYPO : "days", not "says".

Anabelle and Loreen A. look like they could pass for sisters...yes, no? I would like to see them side by side for good comparison; an on the street shot, clothed of course.

Yes...I agree. Loreen has a very similar look, but Anabelle looks much more like Anna Torv. If you google-'images' her, you CAN see them "side by side"... with Anabelle in a separate window of course...

Too much repetition. Very boring.

Buh bye....

Absolutely incredible and sensational masterpiece by the 'Maestro'! Undoubtedly, best gallery at Met Art in a long time. Photography, beauty, etc. etc....superb! Perfect 10!

Finally, she dropped the silly bunchy top, only to put it back on a few frames later. Dumb.

I wouldn't call "30" a few... More than a page for me....(20 per)
but putting it BACK ON is still inexplicable... to me.

Agree with met fan - bald is boring. Agree with multiple criticisms that this set is redundant.

Buh bye....

While attractive,the nighty stuck around too long bunched around Annabelle's waist. This is a practice I see in too many photo sets thati wish would stop. Also, Annabelle's hair became a distraction from being able to enjoy her gorgeous fair complexion.

That said, Annabelleit's a sultry beauty that I would love to see much more often. I love the contrast between her dark hair and fair skin. Her lips are beyond kissably inviting.

the only thing that would have made the set better is if her hair was wet a

Yeah!! Let's add some WATER to the set!! There's a novel idea...A??

of course she's still beautiful, but bald is boring

"Bald"!? I see LOTS of hair!!

Slightly monotonous - ten pictures of almost the same pose in #70-80 etc.

Totally agree.

This is the most redundant set of photos I've ever seen on MetArt.

Row after row of the same pose time and time again.

Redundant is the right word ...............

I fully agree!

I think perhaps the most confusing thing about this set is the disappearance and then reappearance of that nightie ~ which is a very fetching nightie, by the way, especially on such a drop-dead gorgeous woman as Anabelle. I believe the set would have seemed to flow better had the nightie disappeared for the rest of the set rather than making a surprise 3rd act reappearance.
As for Anabelle... the nightie was actually perfect because it looks on the one hand like something a real woman would buy for everyday ~ er, everynight ~ use. On the other hand, it is distinctly feminine and just a little fancy and sets off Anabelle's exotic skin and hair color very well.
In this set, Anabelle made me wonder how I'd totally forgotten her, and wish for many ~ and frequent ~ return visits.

Some folks would have us viewing linear, lingerie only, bra off then knickers, processional photo sets ad infinitum, I'm glad some of the artists mix it up a bit from time to time.

I'm fed up with all these photos shot in portrait format without any reason!


I have never quite understood why "I'm fed up with all these photos shot in portrait format without any reason!"

Please provide a dumbed down explanation so I can understand.

What I am about to ask seems counter-intuitive, but I will ask anyway. Could a reason for the numerous portrait format shots be as simple as it is more comfortable for the photographer to hold and operate the camera in that orientation?

What is this?
What will happ'n to me
If I do find
That I should agree
With good fellow

You will be mocked as well... That's what! ;o) lol

Maybe there's a very good reason... Who are we to judge!? (;o)

Maybe his equipment has no "horizontal mode"...???

Buh Bye...

Something is missing, I just can't put my finger on it.

Regardless of the missing something, Annabelle is a beautiful woman.

Thank you Annabelle and Team Rylsky.

What's missing in all these pictures is ME! ;o)

If it's all just the same
I like you heard
But not seen

LOL 10-4!! ;o)

Fluff on her muff.................

Tho the sentiment be boring,
Said without causing snoring
Of such short fluffy stuff
There is never enuff

Not slick as yer dick!?????????????

Smooth and creamy and oh so inviting. you can actually see all of her. I like this version of Anabella a lot better. Lots of good closeups of those delightful labia and a couple nice butterfly shots.

I think it is just fine this way thank you.

Oops! Misplaced response to ergo I assume...;o) And I also agree...wholeheartedly!!

I agree, Anabelle looks very nice shaved or unshaved. I'm happy she chose to appear shaved in this set. As Doug is always requesting, she gives us both looks to compare.

I like being able to make that comparison myself, but overall, less is better in my book.

Well I just checked MY book, and it says "none is best"... lol ;o)

"less" includes none, and that turns better into best.

Agreed, I come here to see girl parts not bush. Hair just gets in the way


Pussy rules of that there can be no doubt; however a model can show us her attractive genitalia and her pubes at one and the same time!

It would only take the model or photographer's assistant 30 seconds, maybe once or twice in a session for combing or brushing, to allow both camps their preferred vision(s).

In "most" cases this is precisely the case... ;o)

There are a few girls who's hair is so sparce that it makes little or no difference to the "view"...;o) IOW if the right girl shows up with a bush, I couldn't care less about that one aspect.

Let's have the bush back please.

Then bushwhack to appease.

Check the backyard! ;o)

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