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  • Sten
  • 9 months ago:

There should be rating 20 for sets with two models. :)
I really like this set.

Stunning beauties. I see a story of 2 delicious young ladies exploring each other for the 1st time. Huge thanks to the models and of course to Catherine for yet another stunningly erotic and tender set.

This set is a boring load of old tat. Morover I see thouse stupid ponytails again.

The neck kissing pics are insanely hot. More, please =)

It is so fun to see Catherine's style evolving. Her lesbian sets look like a dance. A passionate one, often in bed, and I love seeing them holding each other. It doesn't all have to be explicit. The hair being tied back is a nice touch as well, and is a trademark of Catherine's, along with perfect, flawless models. I like the shots of the models heads facing each other too, (but is it a vase, or two faces in profile)? You must be the happiest human being on Earth, Catherine! To have so many beautiful nude women around you, sharing their insatiable love for each other, and you. If there's a heaven, it is your studio.

Hi Ouchstopit) ))Sometimes it feels like paradise) but only sometimes) but it is still work. Thank you for the kind words)

Ah, but one can love their work... ( :
It really seems that you love your work, Catherine, and that is a "goodness." ( :

Ochen xorosho Katya. Oni ochen cekcualni.

Hi adomavoi81 ) Thank you) I agree with you, these girls are sexual.

Thank you Catherine for the armpit closeups whatever anybody else has to say about it.

Hi mysecret) Please) I am glad to bring you pleasure.

Come on, people! This set is much better than the weird car wash one I just looked at, yet the score here is struggling to hit "8" unlike the other one before it. Not fair.

Catherine, don't be disappointed. You have many fans here. I like the symmetrical affect of similar models.

Hi kilroy) it is very pleasant to me to work for those it is pleasant to whom my photos. I constantly want to think out something new. It is very pleasant to realize that I have admirers. Thank you for your support)

Lovely young models engaged in some "tender loving" Loved all of the close-ups of their scrumptious butts! Would be awesome to see them together in a video on Sex Art...

Hi C6C791 ) It is good models, I hold negotiations with them for their participation in Sex Art shootings.

The faux lesbian theme ?

(Face palm)

I agree with Birthday Cake. Fake kisses just don't work. If you're going to do girl/girl sets, find models who will use tongue.

Hi Birthday Cake) Why the counterfeit? It is game)

Agreed, Catherine. It's a fantasy. ( :

  • 2 years ago:

Very well engineered and sexy poses. Nice work!

Hi 24x7x365 ) Thanks a lot)

Before commenting on this set, I went back and looked at some other "girl on girl" sets by Catherine. This one seems to follow in their footsteps. The models are of similar body type, identical make-up and hair, which reinforces the symmetry aspect in many shots. There is a very nice flow in composition, interaction between the models' bodies is well presented by very competent photography. I agree with some comments that the models do not seem to be very much into each other, erotically speaking, but Catherine already responded to that. In this regard, it is more "girl with girl" than "girl on girl". Still, erotic aspect is present in the set, even if not necessarily between the models. I liked very much the symmetrical rear shots, for example, that interact more with the viewer, because interaction between the models is taken out of the frame.

P.S. Catherine, it is nice to see you back responding to comments. Looking forward to more great work.

Hi lember92) Thank you for your detailed and detailed comment. I formed a small window in shootings, I with pleasure read and I respond to comments)

Hi Catherine,
It's great that you spend a lot of time shooting, because that means many more great sets and, maybe, even a video? However, you also need some time to rest and to communicate with your fan club)

Hi lember92) Shootings go very actively. There is a hot weather. You test very strong fatigue in the evening. But as soon as I organized a break in work, I started communicating at once with "fan club")))
I very much want to make video. Now I have for this purpose almost perfect condition. I think I will make video. Thanks)

Catherine, did you know you have a fan club?
( :

Fan club rule number one: you don't talk about fan club ). I will take the credit for introducing the idea though :)

Thankfully, this is not a club one can be kicked out of, only leave voluntarily... and none of us is going to think of that! ( ;

Hi fer_realz) No, didn't know. I just about it read)))

how cum we get to see them lick & play with each others boobs but not their pussies????

Because we're not at Sex-Art.

)) Hi COmtnman1) luv_lickn_clit is right, because it not Sex-Art)

so is it a metart prohibition, it's not allowed here or what?????

how cum certain models/photographers show spread pussy shots & most don't? does metart frown on such pics, or is it totally up to the mode/photographer?

MetArt has no problem with spread pussies. There are hundreds of them. It's up to the photographer and the model.

Hi) Met-Art Style implies emancipation and freedom. More frankly model behave in Sex-Art. I myself want to put in more sets of close-ups pussy. But I want to make it aesthetically beautiful. And it does not always work. It's my flaw. I think I can handle it. I try to use the language in the set. This phototypesetting I wanted to do more tender than passionate. Thanks to all of you)

Catherine,your sets are always so elegant and erotic. I would still like to see a final shot you and your crew, with the model.

Thanks a lot banjo51) I somehow will make such ending)

Great idea! I'd very much like to see that too. ( :

I am ready to make such ending, but isn't sure that it will allow Met-Art. But I will make it and I will offer)

Not my department --


No problem, Catherine --

Not everyone likes Brussel Sprouts, either --

I agree) But Brussels sprout is very good in soup))

It is repetitive but sexy. The models have their eyes shut throughout the set which makes me wonder if they are really enjoying this girl on girl set. I am surprised that it hasn't even scored 8 .

Hi ergo) I already wrote that it is the first pair set for these two models. I speak honestly, it was pleasant to be together it. But novelty of a situation them held down a little. But to it it was together good and they were sincere. I don't know why a set rating not rather high) it is possible, it is the result which I specified. But if it was pleasant to you, it is very pleasant to me)

Two gorgeous models and one top photographer. I love the three of them.
Nothing can be said about the bodies of these models except that they are beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous and delicious.
I love Catherine because she knows what we want and gives us the best.

Catherine, you are really the best. i love you, i adore you. please notify me of any new work by the top photographer that i love.

Hi kkronful)) I decided to have a rest today from shootings. Now I read and I respond to comments) Thank you)) I too love you))

Somewhat repetitious, but Catherine delivers the goods as always. The rear shots and the licking and the nipple nibble are really, really sexy. Such cool elegance.

Hi Myshkin) I agree with the fact that photoset a bit boring. Models for the first time the pair have worked in the set. When the model runs for the first time in the doubles set, it is very difficult to avoid a certain coldness. Thank you.

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