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This set is truly stunning. Both girls are gorgeous, and Susana is a favorite of mine. There is something very beautiful about two lovely women, sharing intimate moments with each other in tasteful photos. This is what I find with this photo set. It's well done, and the passion between the two models in this shoot is apparent. Image 24 is one of my favorites.........very hot indeed. Nice job, Catherine.

G/G can be awesome or can be most boring crap there is. Almost all depends on the chemistry between the girls.

I think, this time it worked out well.

Catherine - I love sets like this! Susana is always so passionate in her work, and although Andere looked a little bit nervous at first, she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself throughout the shoot. They had a great chemistry together, and your photographs of these moments are a joy to behold. Two gorgeous, sweet, sexy women, covered in glistening oil (wow!) and caressing each other is very appealing to me.

I don't understand all these 'I don't like sets with two women' comments (but each to their own, I guess.) Personally, I rate this work at about a billion out of ten.

Is there any chance of you making a video soon?

Thank you to Susana and Andere for sharing their beauty with us, and thank you Catherine for these photographs. My warmest regards to you all.

K - Thank you so much for the welcome influx of sets from Catherine. I asked you a while ago why her work was posted so infrequently compared to some other contributing photographers, and although you didn't reply, it seems you have made my wishes come true by increasing the frequency of Catherine's sets.

Catherine's G/G sets are better than most. Add oil, and it's a masterpiece.

Catherine is one of few here who can shoot G/G sets that interest me. These two girls with such well-toned bodies look good in oil. A good combination.

"Catherine is one of few here who can shoot G/G sets that interest me."

A good argument for the feminine touch. Catherine knows what stimulates a woman and girls are just naturally are going to be more comfortable with a woman watching rather than a man.

lovely. Catherine has done some lovely covers of Susanah c. I hope Nastya isn't sick. :-) welcome Andere.

Fakey. Blah. Nothing there.

Wow, slip sliding away!!!!!

Funky hue through the whole set made the girls look jaundiced- Other than that very nice work by Catherine, and her wonderful models...........

I thought Andere she was indifferent to Susana's seduction. She seemed she didn't care. Maybe it was the photographer's intention. I prefer Susana and Nastya, they really french kiss each other, unlikely this set, there was no real kisses.

These two can oil my hoagie anytime!

Once the oil came out I thought, "gonna go in late this morning."

Hi K I think the problem is that too many artists just throw 2 girls together and tell them to pose, not considering if they both like girls, at least to play with, and like each other. Catherine is always careful about this, so her girl-on-girl sets are always good. Seeing that both girls ears are pink means they like what they are doing to each other.(girls get pink in the ears and neck when they are happy with it)I have to give Andere and Susanna and Catherine each a 10+ infinity

Don't forget Susanna's sets with Nastya K on SA specially where they are playing with a dildo.

Susana and Nastya are friends in real life and both extremely lovely well conditioned and flexible. A pretty hard combination to duplicate.

I think Nastya in particular may actually be sexually attracted to women as she seems to really enjoying doing those G/G SA sets.

Beautiful photo set of the two beautiful girls. I love the kissing shots. More of that please. I would love a movie with these two.

My thought exactly!

A steamy set of an extremely sexy duo. OMG. I am speechless... I just wish I could be right there, right in the middle of this pair of extremely gorgeous women as they play with oil.
I'm not huge on pair sets, I'm not big on oil sets... but this set is the exception that proves the rule.
Great job, Catherine, great job to Andere and Susana.

BTW, PLEASE, K and Catherine... more sets of Andere!!!

p.s. I know the background involved a really nice color/light setup, but so help me Dog, I could not keep my eyes off the models!

Wow! I usually don't bother with the G/G sets here but I'm glad that I decided to look at this one. This is most sensual G/G set I have seen on Metart. The only thing better than a beautiful well oiled woman is two playing together. This unbelievably hot! Susan is an all time favorite and the reason I looked at this set. Sadly this has to be an old set because lovely Susan is no longer modeling. She sure lights up the screen for me and I miss her dearly.

Lovely set Katya, So very glad you made this delightful set #66 through 69 are mind blowing! There are so many great shots in this set I am in awe!

Thank You K for releasing this set tonight. It is totally awesome!

Absolutely agree, 1,000%!!! Best G/G set I've seen in years! Kudos to all involved!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi hipshot!

I know most do not care for the 2 girl sets but I adore the ones that Catherine shoots. The girls you can tell are very enthusiastic and I love the scenes. I am glad you enjoyed it and I hope we see many more 2 girls galleries that are this genuine :)

Agreed, If they were all this good I would be a fan but unfortunately most don't even come close. In this case it looks totally genuine and wonderfully passionate. In most though it looks very contrived and completely fake. I many cases the girls look very uncomfortable or even competitive for the cameras time. This unfortunately is a rarity. Susana was the best model around for this type of shoot and this pairing really worked. 2 exquisitely matched bodies that in themselves would have been great but when placed together in this steamy oil fired passion fest and exquisitely photographed by Catherine they are amazing! Why did it take so long for this set to surface?

Susana is always so wonderfully beautiful and seductive. She is truly a delight to view, but I am very taken by this beautiful young redhead, Andere. Andere has such a charming and pleasing cute face. She has a uniquely attractive shade of natural red hair. I find myself captivated by these traits. I would love to see more of Andere in her own sets. I am not a very big fan of the oily bodies. It is not very appealing to me.

I am on the other end of the spectrum here. I love oil shoots because of the way the oil highlights the most subtle of body contours and details the way regular photos can never do and if you have ever had a play session like this you know that it bring the senses alive and creates a delicious sense of naughtiness that is very hard to resist.

It's different in a bawdy and sensuous way and verity can be a wonderful stimulant.

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