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Personally, I think Catherine has gotten too much flak about putting her models' hair up in ponytails. I think it is a good way of displaying their facial features effectively. I don't like to see women's hair up all the time... but it is refreshing now and then.

I like the way you change the color now and then; these colors are new and satisfying. It makes me think of summertime again. That was so nice of Andere to remain nude the entire time! Clothing can get caught in machinery and be very dangerous, so it is good that you care enough about humanity to promote nudity. But seriously, it is such a pleasure to look upon such sweet, innocent, and perfect beauty! Thanks for showing us a slice of sunshine in a world that is so often dreary!

Hi Ouchstopit) I was pleased to read what you have written. I like to think that my humble work can complement the colors of this world. I am very glad to know that its set could make you happy)

Hello Catherine,

I have been enjoying your recent work very much, and I went back through all of your previous sets. I am very pleased to see Andere again - her first solo set and her paired set with Margo were both lovely, and made me hope that she would return. I like this set of photographs very much - the coloured light is an unusual choice, and really makes this set beautiful and interesting.

I echo the comments that Andere is adorable. Her eyes make her look like she has a deep intelligence and her smile makes her look very mischievous! It is a charming combination!

My best wishes to you and Andere. Thank you both for another lovely set of photos.

Hi nihil) I am glad that this set made ​​a good impression on you. Andere I like very much and good to hear that she likes you, too. You praised the color of this set. I noticed that in the winter I intuitively did all the sets vivid. Thank you from me and Andere

Hey Catherine,may be a video with Andere or another of your model?

Hey H WU. Will be required))

Andere is a very pretty girl who does well in modeling's hardest job,working nude against a simple background. Catherine has done a great job of photography. On a Personal note Andere is slightly on the plump side,although perfect. This is important to mature adults over 70 (20 to 70 is extended adolescence) as we get very cold in the winter.

Hi 5seadog) I really hope that Andere will help you stay warm in cold winter) Thank you)

Sorry to say this set left me somewhat flat. When she truly smiles it really lights up her face and changes the whole feel of the set but unfortunately there is only one and I too felt the hair was a bit severe.

For me this set was to somber and repetitious. The lighting was to harsh and I didn't like the green and yellow back lighting.

Sorry Catherine but this one just didn't work for me.

Hi hipshot131) I wanted to make a bright and juicy set, probably because it was the end of winter. I guess I missed the bright colors. I already wrote that Andere has a very stiff and thick hair, I'm afraid they to dissolve.

I agree with hipshot131 on this set, Catherine. Andere looked a bit - I'm not sure "frightened" is the right word in this set - maybe "tense" is a better word for it. She seems like a marvelous model but the facial expressions made it seem like she was a bit nervous.

I also was wondering about your use of colors in this set, in particular the green. I'm a long-time photographer and have noticed that you tend to use green in a lot of your photo sets. From what I have experienced, when a photographer uses green in the background when shooting models, the color tends to "spill over" into the model's skin color and give it an unpleasant color cast.

But altogether, not a bad set.

One other question. You previously photographed a model by the name of Sabina B. I haven't seen her in about a year. Any chance of seeing you photograph her again?

Is she a dancer? I can see in her poses and expressions the look of a ballerina. I could see in the photo's that her hair is hard to work with.

She is not dancing. It is fully dedicated herself to learning and a little shooting)

This set would have been so much better if you'd had her let her hair down. The ponytail made her head look huge. Very cute girl, though and very nice to look at.

Hi rainnwynd) Andere have very thick hair, her neck in these hair would have simply disappeared. Now I try not to make a pony tail, but in this case it was necessary.

Hi rainnwynd) Andere have very thick hair, her neck in these hair would have simply disappeared. Now I try not to make a pony tail, but in this case it was necessary.

Hair up is good. Revealing the neck can make a woman look more elegant.

I agree with you)

Not sure about anyone else, but I want to come home every night to this beautiful woman.

We can't both do it. We'll obviously have to work something out. ;))

Wishful thinking.

I gave comments Andere. It may be reading your wishes, she will arise some ideas))

Andere has such a cute nose... and that's just the start. ( :
Loved everything about this powerful set.
But in particular, image # 24... regal. ( :

I agree – Andere is a very cute and pretty young woman with an inviting look. Unlike previous comments, I think the ponytail is great and helps her seem ready for some bedroom frolics!

I agree, Billyboy. I think that Andere would look great with her hair down, but I think she looks perfectly sexy with it back. ( :

I agree about photo 24. Gorgeous. It's all I can do to keep from kissing that pretty mouth right there on the computer screen.

Hi) Andere beautiful and interesting girl. With her was very easy to work with. Her hair is very thick and lush. Her hair is not very obedient. So we had to put them together in a ponytail. Thank you fer_realz, Billyboy)

Andere! Welcome back! It's been far too long. Andere is on my short list of favorite Catherine models. I love that beautiful round face (very Russian, it seems to me). In fact, I love everything about this delicious young thing. She is the quintessential Catherine model (if there is such a thing), and Catherine has made her resonate in this gorgeous set. Thanks and kisses to both of you—and Andere, please don't wait so long to come again.

Hi Sailor) is very pleased to read your comment) Andere at its very not usual. It is distinguished from other models of her mind, she is very successful study at university. With her was very convenient and easy to operate. Thank you)

I can see her intelligence in her expressions. As beautiful as her body is, that may be the most erotic part of her modeling. Brains are sexy.

How nice of you noticed it) I am pleased)

What a remarkably beautiful young woman we have here. I absolutely love each and every strand of her magnificent red hair. Andere A, this will be a name to remember. Such a beautiful, warm and inviting face, with exquisitely lovely radiant blue eyes. Such a pleasing smile and although Andere's make up is perfectly aplied, there is just a hint of perfectly placed freckles on her cute little nose. And everybody knows, freckles are proof that angels kiss her while she sleeps. What a darling sweetheart. Andere's 5ft 7in body presents a perfectly adorable figure, with just the right amount of everything she needs to pack a powerful punch. So, very warm regards Andere and very best wishes for much happiness. You are perfectly wonderful.

Cathie, well you are the best of the very best, as always.

Hi Neil) Thank you for such a generous and kind comment. Andere a beginner model and she is very young. You are very kind to her and to me) Thank you for the kind words)

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