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Damn, love her look, just overall... Wonderful!

Stunningly beautiful girl. Her milky smooth skin and those luscious long legs. Man-o-man what a gal. Can't wait for more of her set.

Fantastic natural beauty and what a smile. love the shot of her from behind and the smile on her face is so inviting!

A true HELEN OF TROY, a WOMAN to die for! Thank you ANETT.

Mmmmm, I luv the new girl!!!

Hope there are no Chiggers there in that field!

I'm speechless .... what a beauty!

Awesome set! Perfect setting for this natural beauty. Beautiful girl, Nice setting, well photographed. An all around great job for a double debut. I think this lovely lady and this photographer have great potential.

I love the hair. Love the color and the strait natural look. You don't see this lovely color very often and to see it so natural looking is wonderful. She has a lovely body, nicely balanced, nothing in excess and nothing shorted either. Very feminine and natural and she knows how to smile! I'm sold! Lets see lots more of this lovely woman.

Beautiful girl. Less than beautiful debut set 'from my point of view'. Looking forward to next effort, and hoping it's 'inside'... There looks to be a lot of potential for this model and hopefully this photographer is up to the task of revealing her beauty in creative ways.

The more I study this girl, the deeper in love I fall!! WOW!! What a gorgeous face!!

We know, You want her on a bed! :)

I sure would like her on MY bed, but for her future sets, I just want her "inside"....bed, couch, floor...whatever. Nothing very creative about a field of grass.

I hope to see lots more of Anett,gorgeous women like this are always forgotten on this site.....need to add more of her or like her as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I have found that some girls never do a second set because of privacy issues. Many girls are victims of harassment from internet trolls or receive negative or demeaning comments that make them not pose again. Posing in the nude is not well received in the eastern block countries and if someone recognizes a girl they can make life very difficult for her. It is sad that this happens but it is something we can't control.

So far all comments are very positive so I am looking forward to many more sets with this beauty.

I find this hard to believe when we see so many girls posing almost in public, with some on balconies in plain view of several residential buildings, and in parks where other people are visible in the background even! The fact is I believe the opposite...that sex and nudity are treated much more casually in the Eastern European countries than in most 'Western countries' where "Puritan morals" still have a strong foothold. But in the end, I'm sure the experience is different for each of them.
As far as models not repeating because of "demeaning comments"...there are several models on the site with only one or two sets, filled with "positive" feedback(tags), from months or years ago, that obviously did not repeat for other reasons. So it's difficult to say why a model does or does not repeat.
I get your point, I just don't agree with how you got there.

Nice debut, Anett is gorgeous and fellow newcomer Stepanov really captures her uninhibited beauty in this outdoor set.

Welcome Anett! A really good debut. Delicate beauty, sweet face, luscious body, no inhibitios, and really exciting poses. Hope ants didn't nibble you, I want to ... Hmmm!

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