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I very seldom write anything negative but I'm not a fan of the props in this set. I'm generally not a fan of props anyway, but in this set I don't see any purpose at all.

I love Angel's beautiful blue eyes and long nipples, i dream of kissing these nipples and suck them for hours. i adore the rest of her gorgeous body too!!!

I love Angel's beautiful blue eyes!!! And the rest of her too!!!

I fully agree Revlis335, there are more than a few girls with very obvious appendix scars which also seem to make them look sexier. As if the model herself is saying "This is me folks, take it or leave it!"

Why are some scars so damn sexy? It's one of those things (on a long list) I don't understand. I know why I like the female form, I know why I like brunettes, but why do a couple of little marks catch my eye so quickly and in my book add so much... Sexiness? Character? I don't know, but beautiful girl, fantastic look.

Thanks to Ivan for not shopping the sexy scars outta the pics.

Well, not shopping them out of ALL the pics anyway...

As I said 5 months ago when rejoining MetArt, Angel was the main reason. I asked then if display or covering of tattoos was the choice of the model, the photographer or MetArt and nobody came up with any answer. I don't want to start an argument, as I know a lot of people are very much against them. As it happens I like tattoos, within reason of course.
It is only now that I have been able to study this set carefully since my hasty comment earlier. Angel has it all of course - those beautiful small breasts, that fabulous long body and eyes to lose yourself in. In pictures 87, 88, and 89 we have the same pose, 87 with tattoo blanked and 88 and 89 with it on display. I think this must be deliberate and if so thank you from those of us who do like it!

This is a decent set, but if Ivan could have used his zoom a little, I would have enjoyed it more. Some very good standing poses show off Angel's wonderful figure, but nothing up close to speak of. Angel's sparkling blue eyes would have highlighted a couple of nice face-only portrait shots - 91 & 102 are as full-screen as we get. A very colorful set, I might add.

She has a silky-smooth, radiant complexion, and her eyes are incredibly soft and inviting. Gorgeous legs too- gorgeous everything actually. An Angel indeed!

The closer you look the prettier she is. #24 and 25 are great the only real shame is that Harrin never gets that close to her lovely lower lips. When a model has one as sweet and clean as that it is a sin to not feature it in a few closeups. The combination of the black hair and those amazing blue eyes is very powerful indeed.

The first few shots with the flowers were a waste and I was so glad she dumped them very quickly. A flower in a woman's hair can be enchanting but a field of flowers is very distracting on a naked woman. A couple of intimate closeups and forgetting the flowered headdress would make this an excellent set.

Pretty much sums up what I was thinking.

Tall and streamlined girl with shy look and blue
with a stunning body and a very sexy breasts.
(Artists assert that the woman's breast must be contained in a cup of champagne)

I do like her tits, but she's an exception. I'm no artist so I like big tits! lol

Is not prohibited.
For each of us the good things are the ones we are attracted.
Enjoy all the beautiful things.

Angel is more than an angel. Stunningly beautiful face and eyes, perfect body, and awesome small tits. She has an elegant demeanor and confident attitude. Nice artistry by Ivan Harrin.

She is absolutely gorgeous, and man what a smoking hot ass

Tall, blue eyed brunettes really catch my attention. In my eyes 63 is close to perfection. The only way to improve it would be if Angel was facing a full length mirror and we could see what we do in 63 plus her great derriere and lovely hair (a combination of 63 and 69 all in one). Thanks very much Angel for posing and Ivan for presenting us with so many tantalizing views of this beautiful woman.

Angel I love you all over again! Thank you Angel and Ivan Harrin, you have made my day.


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