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Very attractive woman. Pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes. Great legs and derriere too!....supreme!
Angel also has a very nice labia majora and labia minora (I find her labia minora and clitoral hood to be exceptional).
I've seen all of her various sets from all the different sites and IMO her best set is the one on Sex Art "Analogies".....it is one of my all time favourite sets period (very, very nice).

Excellent set of Angel, the girl with the superb derriere! It is her greatest ASS-et!....although not her only one. I also think she has beautiful blue-gray eyes and incredible legs too. Thanks Angel!

Only just noticed your comment about imagination rachsback, and I have to admit you're not the only one. I've been scatty about this girl since first sighting she's so gorgeous, edible, fantastic, whatever, but I'm so far gone she wouldn't look twice!

One of the hottest models on met-art. Simply a beautiful woman. Great photo set.

good, good, so good job and so natural!!(no phtoshop) 10/10
thank you +++

No photo shop? Angel ahs a HUGE tattoo that starts above her right leg and extends completely around her right side from her waist to her underarm then around to the mid point of her back. It starts out as a rose, then becomes a guitar and music bar with notes. It is a tattoo filled in with multiple colors. I know this for a fact because she had a VK page that was available to the pubic for a long time (but now it is restricted to friends only) with hundreds of photos of her posing for various modeling jobs. She also has a small daughter (I must add that she is a very loving and caring mother. It seems as though her daughter is her life).

She also has a yin/yang tattoo on the back of her neck and another yin/yang on her wrist (plus the Chinese characters on her lower left leg). She also had a photo showing her in the process on getting another tattoo on her stomach. In other words, she has a large portion of her body covered with tattoos.

Look at the upper left hand corner of image #12 and you will see the beginnings of the rose above Angel's right leg. In image #93 you can see just a touch of what was not photo shopped out as her tattoo comes around her side (at the point where her side or hip meets the couch cushion). Same thing in image #94. Part of the rose between her legs in image #101. I think I caught all the photos where parts of Angel's tattoos were missed in photo shop, but I might have missed a few too.

I should have added that I am not against tattoos at all, I am just against photo shopping to the point where the woman doesn't resemble the woman she is in real life.

Thanks for the info, I was not aware of this (it isn't really matter though, tattoo's don't bother me).

A Dark and Delicious Angel! Very nice set of a very sexy and enticing 'angel'...who picked a rather appropriate name for her alter ego. Delicious indeed!! THIS, my fellow observers, is truly the "Breakfast of Champions"!! I can't imagine that the greatest warriors of old, went into battle before giving their "special lady" a good 'lickin' first! LOL Maybe it's just my imagination. A pity it's all I have left...

What a shame such a pretty girl has to spoil it and natural beauty with such ugly piercings. You cannot improve upon perfection!

Gorgeous model, sexy high heels, smoking hot ass

AT LAST! They say all good things come to him who waits and we do not see Angel enough. She is my favourite model here but wearing those heels throughout emphasises the length of a pair of fantastic legs. Her best set so far - Well done both Angel and Ivan.

I agree, this is Angel's best set....so far:)

First Class; the general theme of this series is presented masterfully with a full range of posterior poses.

Our artist and model give us a rare treat. The reclining full body from behind. The pose of painters. And not just one. But many well done. We'll not be that lucky again for awhile.

Give us more of the eyes, good photographer, more of the eyes.

Word 3 of sentence 1 went missing.

My warnings to "proofread" went missing too...

I needed a warning before commenting on Catherine's nice set of Nastya.

...and has it been found yet?

Though elusive it may be, a glimpse in 83. There! Top of the curve!

Angel - a slender,sexy stunning beauty....lovey set

Black hair, blue eyes, tiny ta tas, glass cutters; this set confirms my earlier statement that life is good. I predict that some members will proclaim images 49 to 53 as examples of a PP.

Thanks to beautiful, and aptly named, Angel; and Albert.

Just beautiful; slim, elegant, pierced, yes pierced tastefully, and so sexy with her tiny breasts and lovely face. Close to perfection. I will study the high heels to see what is so good there, and will enjoy studying this angel.

Worth saying twice.

Just beautiful; slim, elegant, pierced, yes pierced tastefully, and so sexy with her tiny breasts and lovely face. Close to perfection. I will study the high heels to see what is so good there, and will enjoy studying this angel.

Don't see enough of Angel.

Such a heartbreakingly lovely face... and the rest of her is perfect as well.
Thanks for sharing your beauty with us, Angel... you are gorgeous. ( :
And thanks for rockin' the heels! Very sexy.

At last a babe wearing pretty high heels . I know I keep going on about this , but they make beautiful young ladies so sexy.

Agreed. ( :

Pussy jewelery? I thought that was a no no?? To many piercings for me. Nose, navel, pussy and I'd bet her tongue too. It is sure a turn off for me. Angel is beautiful but I think she would be better if she shortened the bangs just a tiny bit. To me they give her an oriental look that I think would be less evident if the bangs were shorter.

It's a pleasant enough set but it would have rated much higher if she had removed the ruby.

I found her other piercings modest and tasteful. Tell truth, I didn't even notice the nose piercing til I read your comment.
As for the pussy piercing, I didn't find it unattractive. It doesn't subtract a bit from her natural beauty IMHO.
I have heard that tongue piercings can "enhance" the oral sex act... I wonder if a pussy piercing helps at all during sex? I mean, is it functional as well as decorative?

Angel has what I think is called a "Christina" piercing. It is more for ornamental purposes. A clitoral hood piercing is reported to have more functional benefits, if properly done. Liza B used to have a hood piercing a while back but not anymore as evident in her set here two days ago.

Angel does have "modest and tasteful" piercings as you say, but I have mixed feelings about vulvar piercings. I do not find hers objectionable, but dubious as to if any asthetic enhancement is achieved. However it is something different, not just in models but for MA to bring us a set with such prominently displayed body jewelry. It does give Angel some individuality, and perhaps that is what she sought more than anything when she got it.

Verily (for real), tell truth. Your truth rings true to me. Tasteful, indeed.

Form and function. Are there nerve endings in that general location? :)

Ahhh indeed there are... but... stimulation is not equivalent in all cases to "GOOD" stimulation... ( :
I would think that a hard metal ring in my foreskin would be rather painful to my *ahem* glans.
But then, "different strokes for different folks."

A big difference in our male anatomy, fer_realz! What's good for the goose may not always be good for the gander ;0)

LOL Love the 'smashed nose' kilroy!! Be ye Irish?? ;o)

Just a few :))

Agreed, fantastic set.

IMO, the best set of Angel E to date....a million times better than her last set (not a big fan of props).
I think she has pretty blue eyes, great legs, and a nice derriere.

Great work Albert Varin and Angel E!!!

That heavenly derrière, and devilish look in her eye, are perfect for this smokin' hot Angel.

Fantastic set, my blue-eyed Angel, and that piercing is a huge turn-on. Sweet!

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