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Expressive and seductive young woman in exciting poses. I hope to see much more of her. Great bebut!

loved watching her peel of her sexy stockings! Very nice!!!

She walks in Beauty, like the Night!

I like costumes. I like lingerie. I like unusual sets and I like outdoor shots.

I don't like pics like 15 or 17. Where was your focus? What was your DoF?

Everything is soft - that is just wrong.

Paromov, Your sense of the erotic is right on. Your ability to take pictures has gone down the toilet. You used to be able to do this. Look at 66 and 67. Not anything in those shots is in focus. Those shots should have been thrown out, not presented as anything members are paying for. Get with it or give up. You bring us beautiful models but let someone else who can actually shoot them properly do the work. Maybe concentrate on directing and let a professional photographer handle the camera.

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of utterly childish bile generated by differences in people's photographic preferences. I see no reason why one can't state one's likes and dislikes politely, and without all the vitriol.


Angelika is a nice new addition. She is pretty and has a great body, what little we were allowed to see. A bit shy but that is expected of a new model. I would expect that she will be quite nice when her nerves settle down.

I have to give Paromov credit for bringing her to us but that is about as far as I can go on that one. His penchant for theatrics and tossing things into a set just for theatrics turns me off. This is yet another set where it's all about him and his photographic tastes and not about the model. He has done this on every new model he has introduced. Some were so bad I left them in discussed. I know this is just my view but I come here to see beautiful girls tastefully photographed in the nude not stupid clock faces thrown in like a Salvador Dali painting or covered in period clothing which does nothing to present the model and everything to make his sets longer and more boring. When he learns that we are interested in the models and not his theatrics he could be a good Metart photographer but thus far this seems to be far from his intent.

hip, I remember he started off with Nensi-B in that highly costumed/theatrical mode, then after a couple of sets we got a "normal" shoot with her. I'm hoping that it doesn't take that long with Angelika.

I agree with you, the set should be about the model, not a clock or chandelier or the décor of the room. Perhaps that is why most every shot is zoomed out wide - to get in as much of the set or props as possible. Personally, I'd rather see it zoomed in and focused on the model. Having a theme is desirable, but it should not be the primary aspect. Paromov can do more mainstream shoots, and when he does they are decent.

K says that there are better sets of this lovely in queue, so I will be patient and wait for them to be posted.

I don't have any problem with the "setting" or her "attire"...it's the photography that killed it for me. Even the lighting was good I thought. I just really hate it when the first thumb I click on to see, NOTHING is in focus! And from there it only got worse!

And despite all this whining, I AM keeping it!! LOL This girl is a KNOCKOUT!!

Frankly rachsback I totally agree with you. Even when taking pics between her legs Paramov put them in soft focus - he's been around long enough to know better. Angelika didn't seem that nervous to me. Full marks to the model but the photographer was way off the mark.

I gave this set a low score because the first 86 shots were wasted with the stupid outfit especially the string skirt. Nothing beats a totally nude photo.

That's your opinion. I love such sexy Outfits and I like to see the models in lingerie becoming naked from pic to pic. So I gave a 10 for the set with this perfect arranged contrast between black and white but I also gave 10 for this unbelievable sexy model.

I agree, fk. Without dressing them up to some degree, it makes all a model's shoots look the same, and that gets borimg. Changing the scenerey/background doesn't do much to change that either since it doesn't make the model look any different while some nice lingerie does that and adds some variety to the model herself.

Angelika is totally hot,and is suffering from newbie nerves in only a few shots. Mr. Paramov has remembered that her butt and back are as hot as her front so all's well that ends well(sorry,couldn't help that)I gave Angelika a 10+++ and Paramov the same. this is very good.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Seadog,

You are absolutely right about her being more reserved in this set. This was her first set shot and she is quite shy here. I have more sets of her on the way soon and you can tell the obvious comfort she acquires in front of the camera :) Stay tuned!

I'm happy to hear there's more on the way from Angelika, she is spectacular!

Hi K I try to point out facts that some don't have access to. One is,as my model friend pointed out, she's been in the business for 8 years,and it's still hard the first time she does a nude set for a new guy and his crew. Being nude in front of a bunch of strangers is not easy, and newbies (or Met virgins) can have a really rough time. Sometimes it takes a couple of sets before the girl can really show what she can do.


That's great news K...

an instant fave! Sensational debut! Sign her up, give Angelika a long-term contract, whatever it takes! Would love 2 see her become a regular here at MA. And definitely a candidate for my pick as Best New Model of 2014!

With a far better photographer!

I consider this a promising debut from a lovely new model. I hope that we see a lot more of her, and that she relaxes and gets more comfortable with the camera. For a first set, I think she did a great job though.

I think she did a GREAT job... It's the "artist" that blew this one!!

Very nice, fresh looking girl - but that lingerie is not one to dream of!

Socko model...wonder what she looks like under all that lingere?

Lingerie seldom works for me. It is too contrived and usually does nothing outside of feeding someones fetish. A simple singlet and form fitting normal panties is far more sexy than the harsh scratchy lace and trim on lingerie. And a hell of a lot cheaper. I like to see things that the models would actually wear on a daily basis. Things that you would expect to see under her street clothes when you strip for some indoor recreation. Check out Segera, with Lorena B. Now that way sexier than this outfit.

You missed the point: for more than half the set, she's covered in lingerie. Most of the set wasted.

You're leaving your imagination on the boat...;o)

Socko model...wonder what she looks like under all that lingere?

Try looking at No.86-119! Are ya daft man!??

Gorgeous, sexy girl. Great debut!

A very beautiful girl, but there's a good reason for Paromov's 6.3 rating... From where I'm sitting, this set is as bad as Angelika is beautiful! It seemes to me that the camera was snapping pics on it's own while he was looking for the "focus button"... Such a shame with such a beautiful new model. PLEASE try to arrange a "sober" photographer for her before her career is in jeopardy...

From what I've gathered from Red Pilot and others that appear to know photography, this set has poor depth of field. That appears to account for the focus issues. Not an excuse, but an explanation. There are other issues, too, but they have already been covered adequately by you and others.

I'm just as disappointed as you on this one. I'd love to see Angelika in true Met-Art quality.

"Appear" is the key word there kilroy...lol Some people know "enough" about it to sound like they know a" lot" about it but actually know very "little"... It can be difficult to tell if someone actually knows when you know so little yourself about the technical issues at hand. Like me, but I really don't care who knows what, because I'm here to enjoy myself, not to be impressed by people that I don't know. But to the point, all I know is what looks good to me. I don't tax my brain thinking about why it does or doesn't look good, I just "absorb" it and move on to the next... I take some great photos myself, but don't profess to know a lot about the technical stuff. I just know what settings produce the best results for me. Thanks for your input...;o)

The model, the poses, the lighting, all great.
The super short DOF is beyond annoying though.
Seriously, Paromov, get off the ultra-low FStop.

Very good summary! Angelika was wasted on this......dare I say it, Photographer.

A flawless girl in a flawless set. Excellent job by the photographer catching this gorgeous girl in perfect poses in and out of clothes. Honestly, this set could serve as a template or example for future sets. And Angelika is incredible. What an angel. My goodness. Definitely looking forward to frequent updates!

?????? Angelica yes, Paromov NO!

Angelika yes, Angelica NO! lol ;o)

Angelika has a nice, real, "girl next door" vibe going on... I like how it clashes in a fun way with the somewhat naughty outfit Paromov picked out for her.
I hope she comes back many times and shows us more sides of her personality.
10s for both our new angel and for Paromov.

A beautiful and very sexy girl with a superb body & lovely pale skin

Angelika has the most sensuous mouth imaginable and an extremely inviting derriere - terrific debut - hope we see lots more of this beauty

Apparently the word of the day for describing Angelika is "sexy". Yep, her face and body pretty much demand it. Very nice debut.

Awesome debut from a very beautiful and sexy girl! More please!

What an incredibly sexy girl , Wow !! I do hope to see lots more of Angelika D . xx

Bit of an understatement, but I agree.

I fully agree!

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