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Unbelievable that people have taken this set seriously. The model and the poses are great, but the photography is about the worst I've seen from Paromov. It is insulting to members to put this stuff on the site. Out of about 120 images maybe 10 or less are actually in focus. This is not an artful use of soft focus, but rather it's the output of someone who either doesn't know or doesn't care what he's doing. And it's really disappointing because Paromov used to do great work. What's happened lately? Hopefully another 'artist' will work with Angelika in the future.

Lovely girl, but tacky set and poor focus (as usual).

  • 1 year ago:

This new look is flattering to this beautiful girl. Loved the make-up, setting and lingerie.
From a pretty girl to now gorgeous woman.
Hopefully there is more to come from Paramov and Angelika in this glamourous style. It's a winning combination.

Can you retouch your photos even more?

very nice now do some bend over's i like the girl's bend over looking back at me a pretty leg on each side of her head

I loved this set. I could prophesy a long list of potential investors in that restaurant. :-)

A deliciously wonderful model who looks gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

The peak of peekdom.

A very sexy girl!!!! Angelika has a amazing figure and a innocent-looking face that would fool any man, i just missed a pair of stiletto shoes for this set. What I wouldn't give to have her wrap those legs around me...PLEASE a video of this angel soon....

Wow, what a difference with the hair style. She looks like a different woman!

Exact same hairdo she had on a Femjoy set by Romanoff. Her name there is Nika L. Do these photographers all have aliases too? lol

Yes, or at least many of them do.
Like the models, most of them are freelancers, and many of them contribute to multiple sites and have a different name (or names) on each.
There doesn't seem to be a system to it, per se, it seems to be up to the individual photographer.

I've wondered the same about the photographers.

I would be shocked to find out a photographer was NOT using an alias.

If viewers on every web site they post to actually knew who they were -- every crackpot with a fetish obsession would hound them to death. Some might event hunt them down like a stalker!

Anonymity is not only a blessing, but an absolute necessity.

Much more glamorous set than Angelika's earlier appearances, works very well with her wonderful face and fantastic body. A few too many pix with nothing in sharp focus, but overall pretty damn good.

That makes it a 4-for-4 day, nice bounceback after yesterday's "0-fer".

I like the set(ting) and her hair style. I can't say anything bad about her poses. But.. a lot of pics are like 84 - everything is soft except some very crisp part of the chair...


That's all?

I miss a lot of exciting poses we've seen in the other s sets!

Angelika is a favourite of mine that's for sure, she's very pretty, great boobs and a wonderful body.

Beautiful makeup and hair job on the stunning Angelika.
I felt that the thong and bustier came off just about the right time, but she didn't need to take off the hose right away, IMO.
The standing shots were very nice but I'd like to have seen more shots with her sitting in the chair sharing her goodies with us.
I'm definitely awaiting what comes next from this team with anticipation...

I fully agree! Especially with the 3rd sentence!

Not to be picky -- but a pair of black high heels would not have gone amiss.

Heels ...heels ....heels (and not the "stripper" kind either - regular, flat-bottomed 3"-4" heels) would have gone a long way in this set.

There are only three other things I would've liked to have seen:
1) Angelika should smile a whole lot more. In the couple of shots where she IS smiling she really lights up.
2) Lose the distracting background shadows.
3) More sets of Angelika.

No close-ups? Gee, thanks.

Best of three series so far, but suffers the same lack of image crispness. I like the set - nice "theatrical" look. And I lika Angelika lots.

a star is born.

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