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Sexy little babe..Those fishnets drive me nutts!

Absolute waste of a gorgeous model with mediocre photo shoot.

liked the model, hate the set,lighting, etc. not artistic, Paromov does nothing for this girl.

I wish my passport photographer had done nothing for me this well.

Perfect for me, the best set of this amazing girl :)

Great set, Loved it!

A nice set reminiscent of the late Elmer Batters' leg fetish photography from the 1950's & '60's. The full-coverage black panties, the lace-trimmed fishnet stockings, along with the way the model played with the stockings while stripping them off are all an homage to the style Batters originated more than a half-century ago.

A stunningly hot 18 year old girl coming to full knowledge, acceptance and appreciation of her sexuality. That's about as good as it gets. Reminiscent of a young Bridget Bardot.

Best thing on Met-Art in a while.

I love Angelika - one of my favorite models at MA (and other sites, for those interested). She's beautiful, but also goofy, and her posing is spectacular.

Also, Paromov's work is terrific. He use hard light to such great effect - you really get the feeling of 3 dimensions in his sets. And he makes skin look so good!

This is why I consider Paramov to be one of the very best artists on Met He brings out the beauty of Angelika and remembers that her back is as lovely as her front. This is a perfect indoor shoot, and I gave a 10++++

I love the wacky expressions and poses Angelika pulled, in between the more serious poses. ( : And kudos to Paromov for including them, it added a lot to the set to make it not deadly serious. ( :
At first I was disappointed the stockings came off so early, but then, they're fishnets so that's OK with me. ( :

I totally disagree – for me it was a very routine set until frame 91 and the stockings came off! Suddenly every pose was imbued with a potent sexuality and sensuality with those fabulous long legs and gorgeous bum revealed in all their splendour.

Ha ha!
Just goes to show that two different people can look at the same picture and see two entirely different images. ( :

I got tire of seeing the sofa on every pic but still enjoy Angelika in this set.

Drop dead gorgeous and a smoking hot ass

When Paromov sticks to the basics and leaves out the overbearing theatrical/costuming, we get a very good set like this one. Nice setting, Angelika is definitely nice and the set gets a download (and high rating) from me.

This is a very nice gallery.

Thanks to both Angelika and Paromov.

Angelika is a stunner that's for sure.

YES to her face and wonderful eyes! YES to her sultry stockings with the seductive french white lace! Yes to that amazingly cute face, blue eyes and beautiful hair! Yes to her mouth! Yes to those wonderful long legs! Yes to her beautiful butt prominently on display! Yes to her unbelievably cute nature! And Yes to that couch, which everyone on here fantasizes taking and ravishing her on. And finally yes to those wonderful MA shots capturing the model from behind, her legs prominently displayed, her butt in the air, and her sexy back to complete it.

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