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Angelique is a smouldering & beautiful girl with the most captivating eyes and sensuous mouth

Her buttocks and thighs are quite magnificent...awesome woman, more please. Would be wonderful to see that derriere in a pair of full white cotton panties..

I agree with the criminal comment. We expect better of Arkisi. One shot of her rear-end, and it is blurred. The man deserves to be degonadulated.

I agree with the criminal comment. We expect better of Arkisi. One shot of her rear-end, and it is blurred. The man deserves to be degonadulated.

Lovely face, amazing round perfect ass, but also an urgent indication for anatomical breast implants, you can see how she is ashamed of her little breasts and tries to cover them most of the time with her long hair

I can see at least ten rear end shots. And lots of amazing pussy shots. And I don't see any evidence of her being ashamed of her breasts. For me this woman is a 10+.

I think you are assuming too much about her breasts. Her hiding her breast is part of the charm? More than a mouth ful is wasted as we used to say in college! Small breasts are as exciting as big floppy fake boobs. But that is my own personal opinion aquired over many encounters. :)

passionate, smoldering, sweet & spicy.. what's not to like?
great set!

Magnificent! seductive, sexy, powerful, and many more such words. This is WOMAN! I love the set. The lighting, colors, and set compliment this model as perfectly as could be and Angelique is so beautiful, dark and mysterious it all works to create one of the most seductive sets I have seen in awhile. Angelique is the perfect name for this model. She must know voodoo because I am definitely in her spell.

My only regret is that Arkisi didn't capture any really close in shots of her open labes. A close up of #114 would have ended the set perfectly.

gorgeous all over. i love her face and long black hair. juicy pussy.

Generally OK set...!

Another good set with the best shots blurred for the sake of yet another "great" pic of her face! She's very pretty, but C'MON!!!
The last shot is downright criminal!!

actually the face is far prettier in this case. Of all her glorious charms her pussy is the one thing that is less than spectacular.

#60 is amazing! Beautiful Fantasy! Angeligue,Thank you!

Angelique! Asombroso belleza! Apuesto a que es tan caliente y suavidad, profundo en esa bonita, poco, rosada coño! Voy encantaría tener mi verga cabeza sumido profundas en tus suave, rosada coño y mirando hacia abajo en tu bello rostro y dentro tus hermosos, marrón ojos! Eso Sería tan maravilloso! El placer por excelencia! Eres son Asombrosamente hermosa!

If I knew Spanish I would understand what is being said! If you are saying this is a smoking HOT and very FUCKABLE babe, then I agree 100%!

Angelique! Amazing beauty! I bet that is so warm and soft, deep into that pretty, little, Pink Pussy! I'm going I would love to have my cock head pushed deep into your soft, pink pussy and looking down at your beautiful face and inside your beautiful Brown eyes! That would be so wonderful! The pleasure par excellence! You're are amazingly beautiful!

¿Qué tipo de ángeles tienen en su patria...??

Beautiful face and a super sexy mouth, nice round plump bubble ass, yum

Angelique es Asombroso! Ahora, que es un hermosa mujer! ¡Qué maravillosa de la fantasía! Arkisi, Gran fotografía. Me encantaría ver más de Angelique! Angelique es tan hermosa en la cama, con las piernas abiertas como que! Increíble rosada coño! Una obra maestra! Angelique y éstos fotos! ¡Gracias!

Angelique is awesome! Now, that is a beautiful woman! What wonderful fantasy! Arkisi, great photography. I'd like to see more of Angelique! Angelique is so beautiful in the bed, with her legs open like that! Amazing Pink Pussy! A masterpiece! Angelique and these photos! Thank you!

Hmmmm ... very, very nice. Lovely face, hard chewy nipples, and gorgeous dark pussy lips that open as the set proceeds. Very beautiful.

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