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Sweet little titties though..............

Angeligue is so beautiful, please create more art of this angel!

the two sets of angelique shot by arkisi are among the hottest and most erotic sets on this site, and do justice to angelique's beauty. the more recent sets by angela linin don't come anywhere near that.
please, metart, get arkisi to shoot her again!!!!

OMG y'all!!!, The beauty of the girl overshadows the set no matter what. Take a good look at her.

As rockhard says life's too short. Angelique is a great model though and needs Arkisi's camera.

After reading the comments first, which I often do, I was expecting a 'sub-standard' set. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's not that bad at all. Some things are 'missing' but some things are NOT missing, as with most all sets posted here. Like everyone here, I've seen better and I've seen much worse. Angelique is a great looking girl in ANY setting, and this one is more pleasing than not. Nice colors and good lighting. Maybe Natalie has me seeing the beauty in everything today! Besides, life's too short to spend it complaining about things you can't change...;o)

Its not a bad set, but like you say rockhard, some things are missing. Still, Angelique is a very pretty woman, and I even enjoy the "glamour shots" of her face near the end. I would have enjoyed seeing more shots or her other end as well, perhaps next time.

And to repeat myself(as geezers do), Angelique is GORGEOUS!! Angela just needs a new camera...;o)

From one geezer to another, you are absolutely right! We, as males (and some females, I'm sure) now have thousands of photos to view beautiful women in their most attractive venues. Some have such beauty that to complain about composition, focusing, detail and general gallery effectiveness seems selfish and unappreciative of the photographers and models who go to the trouble to bring us such pleasure!
I, for one, have enjoyed a multitude of lovely, marvelously endowed females that will forever stay in my mind.

However, I will still voice my displeasure for a gallery, or model, or photographer that has not lived up to my expectations.
I've paid, as have you and everyone else, for this site.

That aside, Angelique IS gorgeous! Next time, let a man take the pictures!

I'll agree with everything you said, except one point... If your "expectations" are that a "man" will take better pictures than a woman, I think "Catherine" may have some input on that subject...;o) In other words, I don't 'necessarily' agree with that. "Tammy Sands" takes better pictures of nudes than most men whose work I've seen. "Holly Randall" is another one you may want to take a look at. She happens to be here at Met, although not a large collection as yet. I'm sure, by my limited experience, I've only scratched the surface of fine 'female nude photographers', but these three are very popular for a 'very good' reason....they are 'very good' at what they do. Angela has also produced some very nice sets here and should not be dismissed based on one set. Now if you've seen all her other work, and the work of the others I mentioned, and feel the same, well that's a different smoke...;o) Thanks for the input...:o)

Perhaps my phrase "...let a man take the pictures!" was said in haste. I have seen galleries by Catherine that were outstanding! Another one is Maria Kenig who has some wonderful sets. I therefore, retract that statement! I will also check out Tammy and Holly when I get the chance (in about 2 minutes).

But my original statement still holds for Natasha Schon and Pasha. Sorry, I have no use for them!

What an ugly setting! Downright depressing. No intimate closeups. Boring poses.

Forget the ass shots much?

Forget the ass shots much?

Shot #3 -- VERY nice legs!!

I LOVE this lady's attitude!
Oh, and her proportions are perfect too...

Perfect beauty, adorable bloom, and fantastic display.

Perfect beauty, adorable bloom, and fantastic display.

I disagree about the "fantastic display" part .... and there's certainly no need to say it twice!

Beautiful, sexy girl!!! I gotta dock points for no rear view shots and the soft focus on many shots. Angelique gets a 10!

Photographer gets a 6.

5 is enough!

5? Make that a 3! 100+ Photos and only 2 shots of her magnificent ass! What a rip!

Angelique is very sexy and gorgeous .Last two sets have been very ordinary and I feel she should seriously consider going back to the master Arkisi .Her first two sets by Arkisi were stunning.

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