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I love it !!!

She starts out in "undies" AND heels !!!

Angelique what is there that I don't like about you?????? Nothing!!! I would love to be sitting across the room from you while you are flirting with me and showing off those sexy legs. After that I would like to be kissing your beautiful lips!!!!

I like Angelique, but she's a bit too inhibited in this set... Nice 'glam set' though... And I'm not one to blame the artist for the models behavior unless the entire production of the set is directed and controlled BY the artist...and I'm sure that varies greatly from one artist to the other.

With an experienced model like Angelique who has done any sets for the different Met sites I can't help but assume that a dull flat set like this is the fault of the artist. It is the person behind the camera that controls all the technical aspects of the shoot.

The "technical aspects" yes, but NOT the "posing"... I've always thought it was up to the model to do her "own thing" as far as posing goes. Also, it seems like everyone likes to complain about ANY female artist that isn't Catherine or Flora.

(And I see you're still not proofreading...;o)

many sets! :(

Very sexy Angelique in lingerie.Some closeups and rear shots would make my day.

I always look forward to new sets of this raven-haired, doe-eyed beauty. Thank you!

natural color and lighting this could have been a 10

Thank you Angelique and Angela for the sexy lingerie plus shoes. I really enjoy when the panties come off first. Excellent.

Angelique is so very lovely. Her proportions are perfect, and Linin's photography features them very well. I especially like the lingerie and high heel shots.

OMG! four, count em, 4 Ukrainian goddess in one night! Talk about beauty overload! Each as fine as her other country women and each a goddess in her own right! I am going to need the next 24 hours to recover from this night. This is a combo to write home about! Ohh wait, better kill that idea.

Sadly this set does not live up to the others due to the photographers one dimensional and uninspired technique.

Angelique deserves a much better photographer, early on in these photo set Arkisi did alright but she deserves better.

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