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All the images were not pin sharp, but the girl is very nice and with fine tits.

Nalika is a beautiful woman, and the Photography is spot on.

Great return by a class act. The breasts are just mouth watering.

God, I LUUUUUUUV this woman!!!

Worth the cost of the subscription all by herself.

This also appears to be an older set, but maybe not... Very nice in any case. Anita's always been one of my favorites... Beautiful from head to toe!!

Anita isn't living up to her bio. She advertises 'shaved', yet is decidedly bushy in this set.

Some models change their style down there like they do hair color. I've never seen the bio information to be 100% accurate in any aspect of a model, particularly on breast size. In addition to that, how can you accurately describe pubic hair with only three terms - "shaved", "trimmed", or "not trimmed"?

Anita looks good either way. No worries as long as I can see it.

If you look back through Anita's sets you will see a mixture of shaved and unshaved, it is quite difficult to accurately document it either way. Maybe it should say 'a bit of both'???

I would kill to see her do a b/g movie on sexart.

I'm trying to imagine who would downvote my comment... and why.

Great to see Anita again! Always looks stunning and beautiful.

Anita is truly a gift of beauty and sexuality. Such a beautiful face and wondrously beautiful eyes. Such magnificent breasts. So sweet, yet so sexual. Especially enjoy the poses in which she opens her lovely legs wide, showing her sweet pussy as well as her face and breasts. And she appears to be lubricating in some of them ... maybe when she poses naked she feels a little of what we feel watching her.

Anita is very beautiful. her biography states "shaved". but when i downloaded the set, i discovered her Vagina is like a jungle not even trimmed. to me, i was disappointed.

Huh? A jungle? Not even trimmed? Either you've never seen an unshaved woman or you're looking at some other girl. She most certainly is trimmed, and trimmed very nicely. No jungle on Anita.

welcome back anita you are one of my favorites keep those pictures coming

Anita is very beautiful, and illustrates what I always say, that a woman can trim carefully and keep photographic values, and NOT look like a little girl. I never understood that

Anita is awesome, truly a beauty. However, the makeup is or was horribly done. Anita is fair skinned and its terrific, there is no need to attempt to create a tan... Results in a really poor look.

But as I said Anita is smoking hot as always.

Anita's a favourite of mine, a classy 10!!! Not being a feet man, I just noticed she stands on her tip-toes as if she was wearing heels.

Pay attention to just about every model and every set you see. All the girls are on tip toes most of the time. It perks up the butt just like heals. It's extremely common.

And extremely unnecessary!

That, my childern, is why it would be much easier and a lot more sexy to actually WEAR THE HEELS !!!!!

Some photos ruined by the model's silly unnatural look.

Sexiest set of the day, hands down. Anita just has that magic. So glad to see her back again!

Always gorgeous.

A softly beautiful woman with classic breasts and feet.

I am so glad to see Anita back here on Met. A beautiful set of pictures of a very beautiful woman.

Me too! what an amazing pair of breasts and beautiful pussy Anita has!

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