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anita I love you

beautiful tits, pretty face.

beautiful tits, pretty face.

My all time favorite, finally back, Welcome back Anita you are the # 1 !

BABY -- !!

You came home to Papa !!


Anita, it is SO good to see you back here, love. Please don't stay away for so long next time! Great shoot!

Glorious, Anita has been missing for too long, I'm hoping for a prolific resurgence.

thank you, thank you, thank you

I love you, anything you care to let us see, any shade of emotion you give us to worship, anything from the dream of my yesteryears ...Please, do not go away again

The pink background accentuated Anita's saccharine charms especially her youthful face sans the makeup.

I don't think I'm going to be able to make it all the way through this gallery.

I'm sorry to hear that Mr President...;o)

Hot girl, it's a pity Alex doesn't do close-ups

I'm going to go in search of more of this delightful woman ... and hopefully I'll discover a set that features more of her behind from behind, the only oversight in this gallery, IMHO. Excellent work. Most enjoyable!

You should find plenty here to make you happy. I was always happy with Anita's sets. She does indeed have a glorious behind!!

I don't remember this model, but her portfolio suggests there's plenty more to explore here. YAY!!! What a delight!!

"Knock knock..."

"Who's there??"

"Anita, with a great pair of knockers!"
(although a bit large for me..;o)

Nice to see this cutie again...

This is one of a few "large breasted" girls that I just can't resist, and have many sets of her's. I would not be surprised to find out that this is a new set.

Yes is an old gallery Anita she is gone for couple of years now

Anita "C"??? No f*¢k!n' way! Anita "A++++"!!!

Now THAT'S "stating a preference" in an insulting manner! No need to insult one Anita ("No fucking way!"), to say that you prefer another Anita. I'd taken you for somewhat of a gentleman... Maybe I was mistaken.

You have completely misunderstood the comment...therefore, yes, you are mistaken.

Indeed... My mis'take. Pardon my impulsiveness...;o)

I didn't get any insult out of it. I got that he thought she was grade "A" just a play with letters. There is an Anita A, but way back in the archives.

Rachsback, you misread his intent. He's making a play on the last initial being C and saying it should have been an A (as in grades on a test). He complimented Anita C and insulted no one.

Yep... I sure did! My bad!

(and possibly posted this twice...(??)

What a sweet face with very little makeup, a natural beauty with an impish grin...and those big, beautiful, must be bouncy breasts, wow, on such a small woman, magnificent. Nature does bless certain women doesn't she?

Her beauty has been missed and I hope we won't have to wait as long to see her again.

Welcome return of a beautiful model. Hope its the sign of things to come - and not just a set from the vault!

I'm always happy when K pulls an Anita set out of her database. I hope there are plenty more back there just waiting to be published... ( :

Wonderful set of the ever beautiful Anita with her lovely face, magnificent firm round breasts and superb athletic body....

Why so long since we saw this beauty on Met?

amazing beautiful girl. nice photography. i love you Anita and love your hot body.


Welcome Anita, I missed You so much....it has been more than a year since your last appearance, ...and WOW, You are stunning, beautiful, sexy, simply amazing, the set is a utter cock-buster. Thank you and come back very soon.

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