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What's up with the armpit retouching man? I mean I'm just wondering was there something wrong with her? It's not even a convincing job? Just leave it natural man!

So how do I rate this set? I can't get off on fake photos that much! The girl I like much, but thanks to Alex Iskan,s photos I'll have to rate this about a 5. Don't get me wrong, Alex Iskan is a good photographer, he just has some bad ideas. Maybe in time he and other photographers will learn better like Rylsky. Rylsky used to retouch pits too but eventually learned to leave it alone, natural is best. I love Rylsky now, he's my favorite photographer here now!

I'm just glad he didn't retouch out her pussy and tits and turn her into some kind of unsexed person.

Thanks for drawing attention to this. It drives me crazy seeing the retouching, and not in a good way.

Beautifully built. Gorgeous face. And, a smile as warm as the Sun!

So joyful and inviting and feminine.

Ultimate babe.

Anita, you make life better.

Any day with Anita is a truly GREAT day !!!

For the longest time, Anita just didn't appeal to me, but in her last few sets, she's changed somehow.... she's gotten all feminine and soft and curvy and erotic...

Absolutely gorgeous girl with perfect boobs!!! Very nice set, though I wish we could have had a few doggy shots! I love that hot little outfit she's wearing at the end!!! Anita is a traffic stopper for sure!!!

A nita ita herup...;o)

Stunning! Amazing beauty and some really fantastic poses. Nipples to die for in # 71, so many shot of those lovely lips, and always that heavenly face. Thank you, gorgeous!

Agreed. Her nipples are to die for! but then again so is her entire body. This girl may have the best all around package on Met. perfect tits. amazing nipples. beautiful pussy. perfectly trimmed bush. tone athletic build, and eyes that get the blood pumping to all the right places. I have been mesmerized by Anita since she first graced us with her beauty, and She still gets me off ever time i see her. Just a perfect girl! great set. More Anitaaaa please!!

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