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She is one of my Big 5 on MA.
Moreover,Continuous Close-ups of "Dynamic Open"( word not on dictionaries,but I hope you understand what it means).
It is worcy full score. Wonderful! Excellent!

Some of the worst photography I have ever seen. Anita is far too good to be shown like this!

Lovely model - weird photography - why does Luce cut his pictures in this strange way - it really spoils my enjoyment of an otherwise nice gallery!!!

I love the girl but wish MetArt would show the more recent pictorials. I'm not crazy about her earlier sets like this one.

If this is, in fact, an earlier set -- then they may be scrounging through their files to find something to post. We might well be coming to the end of her material.

PLEASE GOD -- let there be more !!!!

Please say it aint so Dread! Anita is one of the hottest of all time. She would be greatly missed!

I agree with the sentiments expressed by both of the above. Anita is a deliciously beautiful young woman, with just about the most desirable and sought-after pussy on the internet. For her dedication expressed in this set, she earns a 10 out of a possible 10.

Luca, unfortunately earns 1. The only thing more depressing than a drowned cat to look is a washed-out pussy. Plainly speaking, in Erotic Glamour photography, WATER is an abused substance. I cannot state accurately, how many fans have rated Anita, but I would suggest less than 1% of them would get any satisfaction from ANY sets involving water.

So let's get Anita back into some high-class lingerie, and even higher heels:-))

This set is her second lowest rated, so I'd say Rich is right.

Anita ranks in my "top five" -- and probably always will --

But I'm with Rich -- MORE LINGERIE AND HEELS. She's perfect for luxury shoots.

You greatly underestimate Anita's fans. I'm sure there are lots of us who will get plenty of "satisfaction" looking at today's set.

Your right Bibble. Anita always satisfies. This set is growing on me. I just "enjoyed" it again and at more detail. Every time i look at it it gets better then the last. Even the water is hot now, which normally i dont like. Anita's sexuality and incredible body are captured very well in this set. Her eyes say it all. I strongly advise the naysayers of this set to give it a second glance, relax and enjoy...

I've experienced the same "grows on you gradually" effect with many sets, but this one may take more than a few 'reruns' to excite me, because I too agree with Rich on his "water abuse" assertion. There are a few of these "flooded basement" sets that I enjoyed, but not many! For me, it's all about the "model". The 'right' ones can pull it off ok, but most shouldn't try. It's just not appealing, "erotically" speaking. Or even "artistically" speaking for most of them. But I seriously doubt that we will see less of them... Helios and Rylsky seem to love them!! Or they're under the false impression that WE do. Easy enough to skip over them if you don't.

Hah! Confusion reigns supreme! This is a "tub" set, not a "flooded basement" set, but a "water" set nonetheless. So what I said still applies...;o)

Great set but half shots of rear and pussy are irritating and not erotic. Shot 101 for example .

Anita is just an all around stunning beauty. Her ass, nipples and eyes are breathtaking. but her pussy is absolutely incredible. She has an Awesome pussy! Super arousing girl!!!

This is all very true about the 'model', but this 'set' is a poor presentation of that beauty in my opinion.

Absolute perfection in set after set. That lovely face, those sweet, dark nipples, bold eye contact, luscious pussy lips and above all, those confident, red-hot poses. What a perennial winner!

love you Anita absolutely beautiful and sexy as always you are one of the best

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