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Where is Tony? Nothing since August. I trust he is OK.

A ten, but one of few recent tens.

anita is too sexy what a beautiful pussy the more of anita the better

Anita is awesome and so damn hot, I love her cute face and that fantastic figure.

It's nice to see a set from Tony Murano without overly elaborate costumes, his use of colours has always impressed me and it's great to see in a more likely scenario. Great work.

I agree with every word you've written. Sadly, we are not seeing as much of Tony as we used to!!:-((

Tony always treats his models like a Princess, and accordingly, they go to great lengths to please.

Anita is lovely, more of her please. I also noticed the focus was a bit soft in some of the shots. Make good use of those 33 megapixels!

Although very nice, this looks like an older set to me. Anita looks a few years younger than in her recent sets... But as I said...very nice!!

Oh, my! That IS a beautiful butterfly! Thank you, Anita!

Out of focusing,or my eyes tiring?
I can see better focusings and colours of her skins in previous sets by Anita and Tony.Hope next.

Perfect face, amazing nipples, lovely butterfly. So gorgeous!

Butterflies in the garden! One of the best sequences of butterfly pussy shots on MetArt!

Just love seeing Anita's beautiful body and especially her beautiful pussy.

What a heavenly woman. Adorable face, exciting nipples, sweet lips and luscious butterfly. Perfection!

One of MetArt's best photosets ever.
Tasteful, aesthetic, elegant, high erotic and seductive!
This is the ultimate perfection of a photoset. Absolut nothing could be better.

The masterwork of Tony Murano AND Anita!

I hope to see much more of this duo in the near future!

"Absolut nothing could be better."?? I have to take exception to that.. Have you not seen Gabriel A's work? This IS a nice set for being an outdoor set, and Anita is a beautiful girl, but nothing, in my opinion, will ever surpass the sets of Gabriel by Catherine! If I recall correctly, you have issues with Catherine's work, but there's no question in my mind that her sets of Gabriel are artistically and technically unsurpassed in quality and perfection. Gabriel's posing in those sets is 'earth shaking'! Talk about your perfect butterfly!!! I like Anita too, but I can't agree with your assertion.

In my opinion, Catherine is the most over-rated photographer on M-A. I only down-load her sets if she's shooting a model I am already collecting, but she invariably leaves me frustrated and fuming.

I have not checked out Gabriel A's sets for this reason. However, I am prepared to eat my words if Gabriel proves me wrong. I'll go immediately and check her out.

If what you say is true, I MAY become a convert:-)

I don't collect a lot of her work either, but Gabriel is an exceptionally erotic model and her sets are the "gold standard" for me, and atypical of Catherine's recent work. It's been seven hours since your post, so I can only assume that you're still trying to recover from the "experience"... ;o) That being the reason for not posting your opinion yet...assuming that you intended to.. That's a lot of assumptions I'm going out on this limb with...lol I trust you found those "works of art" to your liking... If not, I fear I can be of no further assistance...;o)
And Good Day to you sir... :o)

Always Awesome Anita, always happy to view pictures of you.

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