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these photos are terrible!!!~

Hello everybody and thank you for your feedback! I do not understand why the girl in the bathroom makes you so negative reviews. I can shoot only in the bedroom but it will also be boring. I, as a young girl, I want diversity however as well as rest of the people) I dont want to do an identical job from time to time. Here, a lovely bathroom with panoramic windows on the 11th floor, why not luxuriate in it? Imagine your girlfriend in the shower or bath, is not she sexy? :) Also coming soon still set in the pool and in the shower on the nature (but with another girl) .. I have some backstage photos, if anyone is interested I can post :)

Thanks for coming Flora, we always enjoy artist participation. Bedroom or bathroom are not your only options for shooting, are they? Maybe living room, or sun room or patio...? But appeal for each set is mostly the model. I enjoy your work wherever it is. Any photos you would post would be happily received.

Hi Rockhard! Of course not only the bedrooms and bathrooms) I try to add diversity. Simply not yet published a sufficient number of sets to figure it out :) I'm very happy with the last trip to the shooting in another country - there was a good chance to make a different photo in interesting locations. For example on the motorbike)

Looking forward to any of your new works Flora...;o)

Sunday morning - bath time at Met! lol This looks like an older set. Some fantastic shots of the gorgeous Anita! That water looks kinda scary though... Not sure I'd get in that tub even with Anita in it! Good set of pictures in a less-than-ideal setting. Flora does some really nice work.

Beautiful, sensual set! Thank you, Flora, for not ruining it with softening filters and airbrush. the detail is beautiful. You can almost touch her. Anita is perfect.

Thank you Flora for all the good armpit shots.

Initially I hated this set: hair pulled back for almost all the nude pics & not a single example of that sexy killer smile. But I now find the set uniquely appealing. Another week or so & she'd actually had some underarm hair. LOL

anita absolutely the best beautiful body of a goddess gorgeous face you have it all how about another movie!

I like these pictures of Anita and particularly like pictures #15 and #16.

Anita is very sexy and refreshing in this bathtub set.

OK, but is this a new set of recent photos, or something that has been on the shelf for a few years?

Regardless, love the shots, Anita is stunning and beautiful and a bunch of other really positive words along the same lines.

FYI, Flora, because you (and Rylsky) are not keeping yourselves up to date with the Photo & Video Content Guidelines!!!!!!

10th on the list - NO more bathroom or shower scenes. Be creative. Met-Art have underlined the "NO more bathroom or shower scenes". It seems they are as pissed off with the water torture models are subjected to as I am!!

Anita is a beautiful young woman with a flawless skin. Why distort this fabulous creation of feminine beauty in murky water?!!!

Where are these Photo & Video Content guidelines that you talk about?

Grow up

Bullshit. Bedroom, No Good. Bathroom, No good. Kitchen, No Good. Out doors, No Good... Oh and Lets not forget all the whinging every time a model is wet, wearing too much, doesn't spread her legs enough, or in some other way doesn't live up to the hopes and dreams of what is apparently a website populated by 15 year old boys.

For Fucks sake mate, what's left??? Might as well just roll up the carpet, shutter the windows, and lock the doors cause "all the good pictures have already been taken." :-)

Most of what I've read here in the comments is little more than a bunch of freaky basement crawlers crying for more "Pussy" and "anus" close ups... WTF? Pretty sure it's Met- ART... ART, does that ring a bell? It is not mandated to be all vagina all the time. Nor is it the end of the world if a pretty girl gets wet.

Such negativity! ;(

Comment o' the Day!

Nice rant mate and I couldn't agree more with you.

OH and FUCK YEAH...Caffeine.

Yeah -- !

I enjoy a good "rant" -- really.

It usually looks best right before some other guy punches your lights out. ;->

For the record --

Bathroom sets do nothing for me.

AND -- I've seen so much of Rylsky's "wet-dog" women on this site that it wouldn't break my heart if I NEVER saw another wet woman for the rest of my life! I've made love in a shower, a pool, and a bathtub -- they're all much overrated.

Very nice aesthetic & sensual set!

Sheer perfection as always. Those perfect nipples, luscious lips and above all that heavenly face. Completely adorable. This seems to be your first set with Flora. Great job, both!

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