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A beautiful model, but why are MetArts' photographers so afraid of the naked body? Why do they always have to put 'stuff' in there: rocks, a splash of colour, a plant, a silly hat or a big string of beads? For me, the best photographers are the ones who you can forget are there.....who take simple photos of beautiful women in simple surroundings... beautifully!

I LOVE YOU, You are astonished, wonderful.

Lovely oyster.

Nice photo series, Glad to see she's getting a little more comfortable with showing her asshole!

what a hottie

A great set, one of Anita's best.

Anita is all beautiful. More you look and more is beautiful.
Such a beauty you can dream but a dream that came true is wonderful.
She enjoys that Luca reveal its secrets of woman.
Shaved or natural is better than with the Hitler's mustache.

A wonderful set by one of my favorites girls here. Great work by Helios.

Anita never looked better, great set

also remove 'suckable'

could 'lickable' be removed as a keyword so that the person who makes every anatomical part of every model lickable can no longer do so?

The key words used to actually be useful. Now they are useless.

A few months back we had some discussions about what you have just said, the tags having apparently become meaningless and perhaps even being pumped full of junk. I just ignore them.

I agree. Farmer brown's old grey goat is lickable, if you don't mind getting kicked in the nuts once in a while.

Oh, bad image! Good analogy! I just ignore the "Tags", useless you like to read that sorta thing. (;

Agreed, Caballo... the tags are largely irrelevant now. I don't even pay attention to them any more.

Anita is luscious! If I could have one wish, it would be for those amazing labia to part and give us a peek inside. But I digress.... great shots of a very fine woman.

Great set.

This is one of Anita's finest sets! Great job by model and photographer.

Anita is a favorite of mine, she is totally beautiful all over

Its starting out to be a wonderful day @ MET. I always start at the left and so far, 2 sets - 3 ladies - all 10s There are so many things I appreciate about Anita including, but certainly not limited to, her areolae, nipples and labia. Thanks to both Anita and Luca.

Amazingly gorgeous xxxxx

Anita you are a fine looking woman, great to see you here on Met.

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