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Another Favorite, just a beautiful lady.

Dear "K" --

Thank you kindly for heeding my humble request.

And thank you sooooooo very much for the lovely Anita --

You have made an old man very happy !


Ha ha ha! When I saw Anita's set was up, I knew you'd be ecstatic! ( :
(You still owe K a big sloppy wet kiss!! LOL)

Yo, "fer" --

Not at all sure "K" would be as happy with the kiss as I am with Anita !!


It's a "perk" of the job! ROTFL

Speaking of "K," it seems to me that Catherine's been grossly unrepresented this month. We need some Catherine!

What a wonderful set filled with landscape framed shots, perfect for screen-saver duty or wallpaper. Thanks Leonardo!

I couldn't agree more that Anita is a lovely gem! But I will go on my rant again and say it drives me nuts when a girl is spreading her legs for the camera, and I don't think I'm the ONLY guy out here who looks between her legs (should I avert my eyes?) and Leonardo chooses to focus on her face, even when she's not looking at the camera! What's with that? Couldn't you take two shots, one focused on her lovely face, and one focused on her lovely kitty? Is that so much to ask for?

Leonard's sets are always like this. 4 or 5 great intimate shots in a row and not one focusing of the lower half of her body. Yes her face is beautiful but there is no need for her to be naked with her pussy on full display if you are going to do a head shot.

We see this consistently from Leo. It is not an exception and I read the same comments in every set but they seem to fall on dead ears because nothing changes.

Red, I think that is an awesome "compromise." Don't get me wrong, I know it's been proposed before, but this set is a perfect example of where it would be appropriate.

Anita is a perfect 10 all over, I mean perfect face, skin, figure, and grooming.

5seadog --

You, sir, are a man of truly refined tastes.

Well said, Dreadnought. ( :

God created Leonardo and Leonardo (with the aid of photoshop) created a model goddess.

I can hardly believe what I see. Most likely I'm dreaming.

Each & every photo in this set is a masterpiece.

oh my goodness. How much I love you, the most beautiful of them all xx

'k, this settles it. I obviously need to dig me a pool in the backyard, 'cos those things seem to attract gorgeous girls like moths to a flame. ( :

Completely un-ironically, have I ever mentioned how impressed I am by Anita's eyes? Wow... they really "pop" in this set.

anita looking amazing as always keep that beautiful smile coming

As female member have to agree with the guys Anita is a stunning model but by going thru her series seems to me she has put on abit of weight within her thighs guess it happens to some but Anita is still a cute,bubbly model/woman alas never the less she still sexy gotta love that beaming glowing face of hers and more this set got a 10 out of me great sexy poses as usual simply stunning but i don't mind pool sets as long as you can see it and the model in it have been pretty good ones in the past few years dont seem to recognise this one though hard to see it in some of her shots but this is about Anita E not swimming pools.Cheers from Australia Guys

She may or may not have gained weight... if she has, it has only added to her appeal for me.
The woman upon whom I had my first longterm sexual fixation (when I was far younger than I am now... LOL) had this physique, so I am still very attracted now to women who look like Anita. Far more so than to rail-thin women.

I think someone owes K an emphatic "Thank you!"
(and a big fat sloppy wet kiss, LOL)

I would definitely endorse the "Thank you"
For K's sake, I will forego the sloppy wet kiss.

Hey, I didn't say where it would be. It could be on the nose for all I care. ( ;

I'd be happy to oblige if I knew who you're talking about...
Who is "K" and why should we thank him??

"K" is the content manager for MET and schedules which lovely ladies and galleries we will see each day.

I don't know if K is male or female.

Baggy36pants Dear "K" is a female ok use we to exchange correspondence and is both a great MA support Staff and a Lady too Cheers Baggy

Anita is always stunning and this set is no exception. Lovely.

Wherever that pool is, it must have seen more than its fair share of lovely ladies!

Anita just gets better looking all the time!! Not crazy about most "pool" sets, but this is nice.

Totally agree on both points.

Aniea is a lovely creature, and even bears a passing resemblance to Divina (more, certainly, than the girl in the first set). Nice to see her again in a beautiful set produced by Leonardo.

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