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Most lovely of women, she is a favorite, her smile is one to melt all hardness away.

Anita is the best.. I love this girl. Everything about her is so beautiful and sensual. her eyes melt me. I love the way her wonderful dark hair frames her stunningly pretty face as well as her delicious pussy. Her legs and butt are to die for. Her dark nipples and perfect round breasts are just mouthwatering. and her tight tone belly looks perfect to cover in kisses. I could look at this sex goddess for hours....It just doesnt get any better...

Ahhhhhh --- the Lovely Anita !!!

Nice present to put under my tree !!

Thanx much --

She has such beautiful breasts. Too bad this set didn't have any images that capitalize on her wonderful assets.

Love her smile, and her cute dimples...

There was linagerie? Where?

Back in her first sets, Anita was irresistibly cute and sexy. Somehow, over the last year, something has subtly changed... now she's still cute, but also ravishingly gorgeous as well... she's one MA model who gets my vote for "most improved."

Good old Anita. She has always been one of my favorites and I love what she's done with her hair. You can tell she is such a beautiful person both inside and out. This was a great set and anything less than 10 just does not do it justice.

Oh and I absolutely love her lingerie!!! Forgot to mention that and it's sexy as hell ;D

Hell yeah! ( ;

Anita is perfectly beautiful. She has a great figure, creamy skin,beautiful breasts and lovely eyes. Flora has done a perfect job with this set. Anita and Flore both get a 10

Absolutely Gorgeous! Anita does it again. She is so amazingly beautiful and sexy with her beautiful face, fantastic body and alluring poses and expressions. Spectacular set!

Oh my angel of the perfect face, dark exciting nipples, and heavenly smile-- how I love you! I hope Santa brings you more than you want. I wish he'd bring me you! Xxxxxx

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