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Anita is a dream came true. She has the most delectable labia I've ever seen on a woman.


anita once again you are amazing another beautiful set of pictures you are a special woman never stop smiling:)

I've always maintained that a model needn't have large breasts to be sexy. Not that Anita's are tiny by any means, but she just exudes a certain "sexiness" in all of her work. thanks for another great set.

A most beautiful face and very sexy expressions. Wow!

Anita E is a very beautiful girl. I notice she has changed to a redhead,it looks very attractive. And, of course she is using my favorite grooming style(if a girl thinks she has to groom) which is waxing the undercarriage and trimming the rest. Mr.Helios has done his usual masterly photography,so anita and Mr. Helios both get a 10+ (I might point out that rags25,a female member points out that this style is much more comfortable for the girl.)

Speaking of rags25, haven't seen her on lately. I hope all is well. Australia is experiencing some pretty big wildfires.

Yeah, I miss rags too. ) : I hope she's OK.
On the other hand, she did mention she's back to driving, part-time. She might just be on assignment right now.
Hopefully we'll be hearing from her again soon.

Anita is ageless. Her last two sets have shown me that she is like a fine wine, improving with age.

Great set, great day here at MA, a celebration of Ukrainian beauty for sure.

How lucky can one old fart get?

Malinda A AND Anita E -- all on the same day !!

Double "10" for the day --

Quickly !! We must make sacrifice -- each to his own Gods -- in thanks for this bounty !

But -- A pair of heels would have helped...


Agreed, Dreadnought... sending vibes of gratitude out to the universe, myself. And alternating those with prayers of thanks to the goddess. ( :
And absolutely agree about the heels! As long as they're more along the lines of stilettos and not chunky wedges...

Saturday just got better. Four stunning models in four delicious high scorings sets .:-)

Anita just gets, and looks, better and better!! Breathtaking set!! Breathtaking girl!!

Days this good are few and far between. Four of the best looking models here!

You know what Sailor's gonna say...
All four are Ukrainian! ( : ( : ( :

Not concerned with what sailor has to say...

Yo, "fer_realz" --

I think Ukraine has discovered a new growth industry.


I suspect so... not so long ago, it was the Czech Republic, but over the past few years (if we take MA as a bellwether) Ukraine has taken the lead by far...
Interesting thing about comparing/contrasting the Czech models to the Ukrainians: the Czechs seem to specialize in extremes, where the Ukrainians seem to specialize in very earthy, girl-next-door types, not going to extremes as a rule.

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