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Im not a big fan of murranos work.

Tony Murano can take some great shots, just really hate it when he blocks one of those great shots with some kind of prop. Though he's better than he used to be, looking at his older stuff it was like he just used a model as the background for a ribbon or piece of jewelry, still he just can't seem to resist reverting back from time to time :-(

Beautiful big meaty moist lips.

Love the view of her butterfly pussy through her panties, thanks for the shot her gently opening her Arse cheeks.

Anita is so fine, would love to see more of her ass, legs and feet!

I don't understand why models don't take a shower before shooting they are "professionals" and most of all women this gir possing with her anus dirty is just nasty and disappointment

NOt really "dirty" - just her natural skin coloration. Some humans have it, some don't. Product of genetics + diet.

Don't sweat the small stuff. As my grand-pappy once told me, "once you get past the smell, you got it licked"! And I'v been licking the strawberry starfish ever since. Did you ever see a cat hanging on the ceiling by it's claws? Well that's what a woman acts like when you lick her asshole! And then she backs that ass up to your face for more.

Well, shit. Thanks for ruining it, dude.

... just something about her. (damn)

Quelle beauté!

Too many 10's to count. Most are from the side or at a slight angle. Those straight on are frequently cold and two dimensional.

The headboard matching the bed gives a pleasant effect. It is high enough to assist our photographer in keeping our model beneath the top, one quality of many that makes for so much fine imagery.

I can't remember a better exhibition of horizontal orientation. I also don't remember a presentation of this model that was not a prompt download.

Nice thong. Close in towards it, please.

The terrible necklace is seldom terrible here. 115 - why? 115 does show the nice manicure. The visual contribution of good manicure is frequently appreciated only when lacking.

No more than the usual odd chops. [insert sigh of resignation here]

Anita E has a great set here. The background and costume are perfect as is the lighting. this is technically perfect, the only complaint I have is that it gets repititous at the end. Every girl has a vagina and most get erections on a regular basis, like guys do.Nevertheless Anita and Tony Murano get a 10++++ each

It is a pleasure to view this collaboration between Anita and Murano.

Аніта гарний і має чудовий дупу і метелик

In my eyes, Anita is one of Met's "Super Stars", possessing incomparable beauty and 'sparkle'!! She always gives us her best, and this set is no exception... Positively gorgeous!!

The blue background really adds to the set. It's her best gallery in quite some time.

Cant' go wrong with Anita and Tony Murano. Could be an older set. It's been way too long since we have seen Tony's work here. And Anita, what a babe!

Anita, You are Delicious!
Welcome back Mr Murano, I have missed your superior work!

The word "bodacious" sounds kinda hick-y ... but it pretty much describes Anita. She's got all the right curves in all the right places, a delicious looking butterfly and a ridiculously pretty face. ( :

"bodacious" is bonny. it's "ta-tas" that's tacky. words may offend out there, while being elegant in here

My high school buddy always used to talk about our classmates' "bodacious ta-tas." I really never did grow up in the intervening 25 years, because the expression still makes me snicker.
Geez, am I Beavis or Butt-head? LOL

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982). David Keith: Look at them bodacious set of ta-tas.

Welcome back Tony, and with Anita too!

Ok Anita wins! Just give her the award for best pussy now because her's is an absolute masterpiece!!! possibly best body too. Another girl who easily makes my top 5 most arousing Met girl list.

Jade Butterfly! Bar none, Anita and Mr. Murano have risen to the challenge! Add my vote to SPIES19's accolades for "JBP" among Met's All-Star collaborations between a Model and her Photographer. If any one may still be in doubt,...the "Jade Butterfly Pussy" award for 'Best-In-Its-Class' belongs to ANITA E.

Perfect model + perfect poses + perfect photographer = perfect set beyond any ratings!

Simply wonderful! One of MetArt's best sets ever!

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