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WHAT I'M LOVIN: Anita is looking really hot today! Love shooting and viewing shoots in parks. Incredibly gorgeous model with a body that's blowin' my mind. Loving the pose selections. Too many favorite shots to list!! Model and Photographer to be praised!!

MY PREFERENCES: this set makes me so happy, I don't mind the departures from my preferences at all.

OTHER NOTES: I don't know if Met has a MABITU award (Most Amazing Bottoms In The Universe), but if they do ... I hereby nominate Anita!

I feel compelled to enter the correspondance again.
Anita's contiguous expression of joy is overwhelming; aline that with her very female form, the equation = SUPREME. Would that it could happen, find a woman in this side of the world such as she... Oh, well...

Anita's mischievious nature is revealed in photo 105, 106, and 112. Delightful young woman is she...

WOW!!! I have been a fan of Anita's for a while now, but this spread just blew me away. This set is the most perfect showcase of both Anita's body and her personality I could hope for. I take my hat off to both Anita and Ivan for their efforts on this one - 25 out of 10! Any chance of a video to go with it?

Just a perfect girl in a perfect set

Not Ivan's best work from my vantage point, but I'll take anything and everything that has Anita as the subject. I fell hard for this girl (npi)and haven't been able to get up yet! As most know, I'm a fan of smaller breasts, but Anita's breasts have to be the most perfect in the Solar System....if not the Galaxy!! Women just don't get any more desireable than this! imo of course.

Anita, you are not the wold's greatest golfer but I'd love to play a round of golf with you and we can do it with lemons. That way it would take us longer and we would alway be in the woods. I love sexy passionate golfers like you, Anita.

Anite is beautiful!This is what you call "Splendor in th Grass "or maybe " Naked Lunch " Anyway this is perfect,a 10++++ for Anita and Mr. Herrin

Many of the pics are the best I've seen of her. If this isn't her best set yet, it's close!

And for the lovely Anita E --

You NEVER disappoint, Cara Mia.


Yo -- "K" --

Not to change the subject, but whatever happened to "Anita C" ?

Though I ADORE Anita E -- I do miss Anita C. Tony Murian recently released an exemplary set of her in his site. I must confess -- my reasons for asking are purely selfish and sentimental.

Poor Anita. Exceptionally beautiful, perfect body, could pass for 10 years younger than she is. Such a terrible way to go through life.

While her golf swing looks bad here, we need to make an allowance because she appears to be right-handed and they gave her a left-handed club.

My fellows! What's wrong with you?! Are we so stingy?

A 21 thumb salute for Mr. Bibble, I say!

Anita Dear, we need to work on your grip and set up position. Also find a ball that would be suitable...
I am available for lessons, should you feel the need... :-)


My goodness, Anita is a beautiful woman!

All of the following physical features resonate with me, her: radiant smile, freckles, hint of ribs, gentle flare from waist to hip, glass cutters, lovely labia, and last but certainly not least ~ bubble butt.

Reading what I have written, I just increased Anita's status from 10 to "favorite".

Kudos to Anita and Ivan for this very pleasant visit.

She's been one of my favorites for quite a long time now, but her sets this year in particular have been stellar. They've gone from 10s to 11s in my book.

If I could play with Anita, I think I'd change my opinion about golf. ( :

If I could play with Anita, it wouldn't have a thing to do with golf!! ;o)

Yo -- "fer" --

Answered your note under "Zemira" --

Roger... will check. Thanks!

Total perfection. Heavenly body, gorgeous face, radiant smile, sweet, playful personality, excellent photography. A thousand kisses to luscious Anita ....xxxxx...1000

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