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Love the little white socks and the hairband - the perfect compliments for a girl posing nude.

Great smile, great tits and perfect pussy. I love how great her smile is as she spreads her legs wide. Just a great beautiful babe!

The socks turn me off this set entirely. This sex scores a zero.

Buh bye...

post script

I started looking at some of Anita past shoots. Sunday is now re planned

Oh yeah. Anita's definitely all that.

if the choice is between socks and dirty feet, I say let the poor girl keep her socks on. Beautiful model, safe to say without research that she is top rated. The photographer gave a lot of coverage to her
sex, but I thought we needed a lot more of her ass, which looked just perfect. :-)

love the squat's and standing and standing squat's love to see more bend over's with a lrg on each side of her head looking back at me now that is hot but it's like putting teeth to get some of that

What a beautiful spread she gives us!

Evidently the photographer didn't quite hear correctly. The editor said they want photos that make you think of SEX.

Good one.

Those sox..............................

Nice set...
I Love the Socks!
Very Cute!


I thought it was a shame that Anita's cute feet were in socks the whole set :-(

Anita is totally delicious!! ALWAYS happy to see her, but I prefer her work with other artists.

Anyone know the origin of the phrase "knock your socks off"?

Got my 10 --

Socks -- why ??

High heels -- why not ??

Variety... ;o)

Pecker got so hard looking at this I had to put ice cubes on it. Fabulous set

Some things are better left unsaid...

There's something adorably retro about Anita's hairstyle and hairband. Well, Anita's adorable anyway, but you get what I mean.



SOCKS ????


S-O-C-K-S ?-?-?-?

S O C K S ! ! ! !

I am.... shocked.

Eso si que es !

S O C K S !

10/10 for both Anita and Leonardo!

Only one wish: more of posing like in pics ## 92 & 94!

You must be Leonardo in disguise.


Love that cute little bush. And those eyes....wow. Tell me pic 49 doesn't just make you melt. How sweet!

I haven't gone through the set closely just quite yet, but, as in frame #1, I just love the way Anita's nipples and areolas point outward from her body's centerline. Matched with their almost perfect "B" size, they're a perfect fit for her frame. I ALWAYS find time to take a look at Anita's sets when they pop up - no matter who photographs her.

Anytime adorable Anita wants to parade around my house in just her socks she is more than welcome to come right over... ( :

SOCKS -- ???

Watching her "parade" around would have been much better in HIGH HEELS !

Either way, I'm good, brother! I love girls in both. ( :
Socks are kinda girly ~ heels are sexy. I like both...

"Heels"?? Same old same same... Socks are a refreshing change from all the ugly "frankenshoes"!

More euphemistically called "horseshoes" by dancers in the trade.

But -- socks -- ??

That's sooooo 70's Eastern European porn.

Anita is great ,one of the best,but this shoot is boring,ho hum.

Just out of curiosity - why is the set "boring,ho hum."?

Oh happy day - Anita's back!

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