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I love Anita but this photo shoot didn't work for me. The photographer didn't do Anita justice. Boring set for me.

Very repetitive photos. Please work more creatively.

Stunningly seductive. More of her.

Very nice work!
I always appreated the beauty of Anita. Especially the poses on the first page while she is still in Jeans Pants are very teasing and asthetic!

Another set for the trash can, not on account of the model but the photographer. Whoever was directing her poses needs a lesson on what sexual is and how to bring it out of a model. The model appears bored, as if to say: just shoot the pictures and be done with it. Furthermore, close-ups of wide spread vaginas and butt-holes turn me off.

This is the first set of Anita I've seen.
Next I went exploring a bit. She started posing when she was 26 and she's 29 now. So I saw her very first set for MetArt. If you compare those two sets, the difference is incredible.

First of all, Anita seems a bit older in her first set than in this one. But what strikes me the most: in her first set she's posing like nobody can touch her. She's very enthousiastic - she was 26 and it's like finally she dared to go naked in front of a camera - and she plays it very hard to get.

In this one however, she shows a great deal of vulnerability. She looks like a completely different person. Like in her first set she did it for the kick and now she's completely enjoying every aspect of showing her body. It would be a shame if she would stop posing when reaching 30.

Love the ponytail. Had to go back thru Anita's archive: simply a superb performer, constantly reinventing herself. Each photographer sees & captures a different aspect of Anita. Thank you, Luca, for the wonderful figure studies embedded here. Thank you, Anita, for ALL your work, but especially for this stunning set.

Oh Anita you took off those shorts much too quickly. You could have flirted with us more from both front and back. You have a luscious body!!!

The "eyes" have it!

This is nice, but I don't like Anita's hair tied back like this.

Disagree! I ❤ the "Diana Prince" look!!!

Nice girl, but I hate these backlit sets. I just want to see the model properly.

Sensuality and eroticism in a very pleasant and enticing mix.
Anita has magnetic eyes and her pure beauty is perfectly represented in this set, where she looks totally at ease.
Another masterpiece by Luca, bravo!

Anita seems very relax and beautiful in this set.What a wonderful body.

1) # 113 & 114: AMAZING portrait shots... simply, stunningly beautiful.
2) Anita is a perfect case in point of why multiple photographers should shoot models. I've been a huge fan since her first set with Leonardo, and each successive photographer has uncovered aspects of her that other photographers missed. Even when two photographers shoot the same pose, the result can be stunningly different.
3) Congratulations, Luca, on a wonderful set of Anita. Thank you, Anita!

She is more than classic... She's magic..! - What sweet pussy lips so soft they look...!

What a classic nude girl.The last few shots remind me of those old roman and Greek statues,the pose of her head is aristocratic .Great face and body.

You are magically lovely xxxxxxxxx

Lovely Anita is another model who can do no wrong in my eyes. The photographer, location, or theme may vary; but Anita is always beautiful.

Today, I admire her hour glass figure, innie, eyebrows and unique colored eyes as in 98, superb butt cheeks, slender and shapely legs, great labia minora, and in 116 – a hint of ribs.

Thanks to Anita and Luca.


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