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If Hayley approves, you know you've done something well. She's perceptive and completely honest.

I like two woman series a lot, at the same time I understand why they're often unpopular. At least in part, it's because many of them are empty -- static, overdirected, look at the camera stuff.

But more often than not there is a spark of some kind. And when things really take off, as with Galateo, or some of the sets with Liza and Jenya, or anything with Vanda, there's nothing better, and the ratings suggest there is an audience for it. There just has to be something actually happening.

For me, these series always work as long as there's a genuine emotional connection. (Which you can say for any kind of series.) It's most exciting if it's sexual chemistry, but I don't feel it needs to be. For example, two friends just hanging out and egging each other on to play with the camera can be wonderful in a different way, if they're basically being themselves. Whatever the case, if it's spontaneous and authentic it's always going to be interesting.

Like hunting with spotlights. In a word terrible...............

Another lovely setting wasted. Why do they keep looking at the camera? Is this a love scene or a group portrait?

I agree!

How about two gorgeous naked girls cavorting for your pleasure?, imaginations a hell of a a thing.

You could search the world to find more beautiful woman? Or just go to Ukraine. If you don't mind the WAR.

You can't ask for a better shoot than this, and I often disagree with Leonardo's choice of lighting. It helps to have the fabulous Liza B as well, as she is so responsive to a pretty girl(she has pink ears by shot #7.)I think the posing is indicating that Liza is making out with Anna, not vice-versa. And I love Liza's smile in the last shot. That's a big grin from her. This is a masterpiece,and I gave a 10+ infinity to all three.

It was phony & staged! Pure crap!

Only came to the set for Liza, I've never cared much for Anna AJ. I feel like I've seen this set before. Watching Liza ravish Anna's breasts is so erotic. It would have beena much better set for me if Liza hadn't been consistently behind Anna.


You could search the world and it would be unlikely to find two more beautiful women.

You could search the world and it would be unlikely to find two more beautiful women.

Thank You Leonardo for this beautiful Set!!! Doll+Doll=Dolls!!! I can't find words in this Universe to describe this two ♥Beauties♥... ♥Anna♥ & ♥Liza♥=Paradise, Miau...

Nice double play set of these two MetArt veterans.

I prefer to see Anna in solo shots. Liza too.

Simply gorgeous! Two of my favourite models, whose sexualities sizzle and compliment each other perfectly. And a glorious night shoot by the King of them, Leonardo. Thank you! :)

Special mention for Anna's phenomenal pose in #108- 112, absolutely spectacular, full uninhibited beauty perfectly displayed.

Funny... Anna looks even better posing with Liza than posing alone. Perhaps because having a partner brought out her creativity?
~ Can you even IMAGINE being the creamy filling in this sandwich of absolute sensual feminine perfection? Oh myyyyy....

I think I will die immediately between this two Dolls... It is like touch the heaven!!! Anna and Liza show us that Paradise exist...

I love these two together and Leonardo's night shoots always convey a sumptuous decadence, however this set does feel a little lop sided, I wanted more Liza here but she's relegated to backdrop in a lot of these images whilst the gorgeous Anna fully displays herself.

It's a really nice set overall, I just wish Liza had shared herself to the same extent as Anna.

Liza is typically more reserved than Anna regardless of if alone or with another model. I can't imagine Liza requesting a spread eagle pose and any photographer saying "no, maybe we'll do that next time". I strongly suspect no one except Liza determines how much she "shares" with the viewer.

She can be more reserved, but she can exhibit herself nicely as well, the gallery " Warm" is a good example of this beauty without inhibition.

I agree about the balance, Anna was mostly in the front, while Liza was content to be behind her. It's not too uncommon in G-G shoots at MA for one model to get more exposure than the other. It's not always fair, particularly when both girls are equally beautiful, but it works out that way sometimes. Makes me wonder if they decide this before shooting begins, like "Anna, you're up front today, and Liza you are in the next one" or is it just spontaneous?

Good question... my suspicion is that it all depends on the models' relationship with the photographer. I think some photographers are more into directing their models, and some are more about catching the spontaneous energy. And some models seem to be more aggressive and some seem to be more passive.

I agree, I liked Anna's posing, but I would like to have seen more of Liza's as well, as a full equal rather than as a "supporting" role... ( :

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