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#136; "hang on, darlin', I'll be right in..."

  • Zane
  • 6 months ago:

To walk up behind Anna and sink into her up to my balls would be heaven!

When ever I am browsing Met Art, I always try to avoid Anna AJ because she always makes me cum too soon.

TMI, dude.

Anna...the most beautiful woman in the world.

So true....Anna is above the rest and in a class of her own. She is perfection....so beautiful!!!

I truly beleive Anna is one of the classic beauties - up there with Bardot, Munroe and Kelly. There is a timelessness to her, she will still be beautiful at 90 years old. There are a lot of beautiful women in the world, but then there is an upper echelon of woman who aren't an example of beauty, they are an archetype of it. Anna is one of those women. It's an absolute privilege every time I see a new photo set or video of her, and I can only hope that she continues to model and thereby grace and enrichen the world with her beauty.

Smokin' Hot!

Are you talking to me or yourself?

Imagine the pride if you were the man that made this girl smile every time she saw you.

Simply walking into a party with this girl smiling, holding your hand, wearing diamonds that you bought her.

Some lucky guy.

My head exploded.

sultry looking as usual

Once again as I am a paying customer I will comment as much as I like and regarding dignity, don't you think there's a contridiction between the word "dignity" and the utterance of "blah blah?" Put your money where your mouth is. Since I can't ask you to step outside let's just go to metart and ask them who should close their account.
Also regarding dignity, it might be that it's beneath my dignity to explain my sexual tastes where someone as shallow and as ignorant as you are can make your juvenile assertations. You are. at least 18 right? You're not some idiot kid using Dad's computer and credit card right?

Let it go fool.

Anna is one of the all time best. Please get rid of the pop-ups. Who thought that was a good idea.

She is beautiful!

Anna belongs in a category by herself. There is beautiful, there is gorgeous, there is exquisit ... and then there is Anna.

I remember seeing her pics on free sites years ago... she was young and pretty... and she has become more beautiful with every passing year. Amazing. Oh these lines, those eyes... the well groomed feet... *sigh*

WOW! What a treat to get Anna and Alysha on the same day! If I had to choose between them, I'd lose my mind! Anna has always been a favorite, and this set shows pretty well why. Stunning! One small issue I have with this set was watching her pull those elegant panties off, over those awful shoes! Those shoes should have been the second things to come off... Much better set than I expect from Leo!

Best gallery of Anna for a long time. Fabulous!!!! More soon please!!

A new high quality set from one of our most experienced photographers...!


I never get tired of seeing this gorgeous woman!!!

Just can't get tire of that pussy, but I think Anna should put a little more weight, she is now too thin

Totally too thin. Anorexic models are not desirable.

gorgeous girl and excellent set

Yes, Anna is beautiful, actually amazingly beautiful! I wish she was not as slender. Usually I am a huge fan of Leonardo, however this was not his best work. Overall, very nice.

Yes, Anna is beautiful, actually amazingly beautiful! I wish she was not as slender. Usually I am a huge fan of Leonardo, however this was not his best work.

Just awesome, what can you say about Anna that any picture of her does not convey?, those beautiful eyes, pretty face, firm perfect breasts and the fantastic long legs with a gorgeous cunt between. Anna has been a hugely prolific model with MetArt, long may she continue to delight us with her wonderful presence.



If she not perfection, I don't know beautiful

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