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Some very rare and very lovely pictures of Anna putting her bare bottom in the air. Picture #12 to #21 are absolute perfection, a delight to behold. Wish she would pose like this in all her sets.

Back at the top were she belongs

I like it but it needs more poses

I doubt very much that Anna is uninterested. She wouldn't keep posing if that was the case.She could get another photographer if she wanted to, Very easily.

Ho Hum... Yawn!

All i have to say is amazing! Anna is a stunning beauty. A sex goddess. possibly the most beautiful eyes and face on Met with just as stunning a body. Her breasts, legs, pussy and ass all fall into the perfection category. If i could create the perfect girl to "enjoy" I would make Anna. I dont care if the photography isnt perfect or if she's not smiling, If she is naked I'm a fan, and can guarantee the set will be arousing and erotic. Thank You Anna and thank you Met! Keep up the good work. You both make the world a happy place :) Cant wait to see her next set....

Agreed Spies! she is the perfect girl to "enjoy"! Her trimmed bush and beautiful pussy are second to none. what a turn on this girl is....

An exquisite beauty wasted on a poor photo shoot.

I like the straight on, eyes looking at the camera, wide open photos. So often the models are sideways, looking at 'who knows what', and they are only partially open. This is a good change, just add some lingerie, more attractive surroundings, and maybe get the model to think of something sexy instead of 'when will this be over'.

Why would you want to cover up such beautiful skin with clothes? Are you daft? The set is perfect as is!

because, sir, sometimes "less is more".

Gawd woman, just once, SMILE!.

Disinterested, unsmiling is Anna actually enjoying the photo-shoot ??
I don't think so.

And I think:„It is not her fault.“

Anna is a totally complete beauty. She is beautiful all over, but her face and eyes are just are total perfection.

More fuzzy crap from the "fuzzy crap" king!! This beautiful girl deserves a decent photographer! EVERY image that I picked off a page to look closer at is blurred! This gives the impression that the entire set is blurred... I'm so sorry for you Anna...maybe next time...

Right on rockhard! The focus wasn't great and the depth of field was very shallow. Compare this set to Barbara D from the 1st of May. You can count Barbara's eyelashes in every photo. Not enough flash and too low of f-stop here! We like tack sharp Leondardo!

While I cannot dispute Anna's beauty, there is always something about her sets that does little to nothing for me. She's always so stoic and displays an air of dispassion. But, I seem to be the minority so undoubtedly my hope that we will see little of her in the future will be in vain.

Everyone has their "thing" but I think much of whats missing is down to the photographer. They need light her fire ;)

I think there comes sometimes an "either/or" and this is her problem.

Anna is one of the most beautiful girls anywhere, but these latest sets are just lazy, bad photography. The images are only saved by Anna's beauty. I'd love to see more of her undressing and in lingerie etc. This set looks like it was shot in 5 minutes with no thought.

I have the opposite opinion. I thought this set was great. I want to see the models nude throughout the set from beginning to end. As such, the set ticked off all my check marks.

WOW! Is what I've thought from the first time that I saw AJ's face - Wow! What classic Beauty! High cheek bones and Beautiful, Dark-Brown almond eyes. Such soft skin. Almost perfect breasts, nice round brown nipples. Long, perfectly shaped legs. High round, firm buttocks and heart shaped too. Smooth, toned, flat stomach. And, then she reveals that perfecto coño! And my eyes almost bugged out! What a pair of perfectly shaped, big labia and she almost, always lets them roll open so that you can see into her inner pinkness, in at least one or two photos in her most recent photosets. And that is awesome, no complaints from me about that. She's even begining to
moisten up some in some photos!.... But you know, I'm just wondering why are you not smiling, you're so beautful, You got to know what you're doing to all the guys looking at your photos! You'd think that tought alone would make her smile more!...I think, I'll have to go back and look at all of her photosets to count to be sure, but I think that you could probably count on just one hand the the photos in all of her photosets, that she is just, maybe, beginning to give us a glimmer of a smile, mostly just a little twinkling in her eyes is all. I wonder why, is this such a hard job, to lie around naked and be photgraphed? Or...Maybe the photograher should get her to loosen up more, more soft music, musi she likes, tell her some jokes, bring her some flowers or just pay her more, I don't know, something. Maybe I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that everytime I see a photset of AJ posted, that I'll just have the same ol, same ol reaction - Wow! Pretty lady, but she really don't enjoy showing off her beauty, oh well....!

Caballo, you are correct in saying that Anna looks disinterested in this set (more so than any of her other sets that I remember), but we will never know why. Perhaps it was the last shoot of a long day, perhaps Leonardo only wants the sultry look, who knows. In looking through the photos, I noticed she seems to smile the most when she is covering up with the pillow (70, 71, 72)--those photos have some element of striptease. So maybe the problem is that she started out naked. Most women love to wear beautiful lingerie, and enjoy giving a sexy strip tease. If I had to guess, I'd say that's what missing here. I luv Anna too much to blame it on her!!!

@JenyaDlover - 100 points for You!

A remake „DIVINIKA“ (2009) ?

Both sets do have similarities. Anna is a beautiful woman, and both photographers made good use of their butterfly nets.

Always look forward to seeing Anna A, my favorite set of her's is her video from early on MetArt.

Her pussy and anus are a photogenic masterpiece, it's nice to see her finally relax in front of the camera and show off everything....

I agree with every comment personally about her, however, I think that we get so caught up in her beauty that we do not realize that there are very few of the pics that have good poses. The ones that are out of this world distract us from the many that are not.

Rightly or wrongly Anna is the standard by which all others are judged. She is the supreme goddess of erotic photography - perfection from tip to toe with an utterly commanding presence. The sheer volume of her work is equally outstanding and she has worked with a "who's who" of top photographers. This has it's own challenge; that there are any stand-out pics here at all is an achievement, and better than some of Leonard's other efforts with this model (and I'm not a huge Leonard fan). Her appearance brings into stark relief the generally weaker standard of models in recent months.

If U must read to know what U think - one time is enough.

I agree with every comment personally about her, however, I think that we get so caught up in her beauty that we do not realize that there are very of the pics that have good poses. The ones that are out of this world distract us from the many that are not.

I agree with every comment personally about her, however, I think that we get so caught up in her beauty that we do not realize that there are very of the pics that have good poses. The ones that are out of this world distract us from the many that are not.

Yet another awesome set of Anna, as prolific and seasoned a mode l as she is, I don't think I will ever tire of her beautiful face, lovely breasts and gorgeous vagina.

All I can think about when I look at image 18 is sniffing her little star.


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