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I have to agree that she'd look better with a few more pounds added to her nice curvy frame. When she was younger and first started out on Hegre-Art she wasn't rail thin, and she looked super-hot.

Anna will always be my favorite here. Not a fan of the frizzy hair, but she still looks as lovely as ever. Can, someone, however, please explain to me how MetArt's scoring/rating system works. A few months ago Anna was #1 and now she rests around #103, which makes absolutely no sense!

That walking on their tip toes is so UNNATURAL. looks like someone broke a glass!!! Stupid Just put them in high heels!!!!

Anna is still my favorite, she is just absolutely gorgeous in every set.

"Too skinny?", not for me, she is naturally slender and has the frame and bone structure to make it work.

Beautiful woman, I hope to see more sets of her.

Señora bonita. Niza, grande, hermoso, humeda coño labios!

Señora bonita. Niza, grande, hermoso, humeda coño labios! Pero, dos cosas que me gustaría ver, sin embargo, me gustaría verla sonreír mucho más y justo dejar que su mojado, excitado coño se abren para me a ver dentro de ella!

Better is the enemy of good

Emaciated! OMG!

did someone beat her? because in the first couple of pics her nose looks wrong and her lips like they are swollen. In the bad way.

And please. A couple of kilos more weight wouldn't hurt at all.

Here are the comments about Anna written over 5 years of posing for MetArt.

I just think Anna is a slim girl/woman who doesn't eat a lot of red meat! I find it amusing that a bunch of beer gutted, over weight folks are saying she is unhealthy! :)

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You assume too much.


The seller

How the fuck do you know the body type of the people who have expressed concern?

Exquisite! Anna at her best! There's an 'elegance' about Anna that few girls here have. Regarding all the "skinny" comments...I'll trade hip-bone bruises with her ANY day!! 10+!

I think Anna is gorgeous, and this was a great set of her!!!

Gorgeous woman.

Well photographed.

Anna is very beautiful, but I think she works too much at being model thin. Mila I is naturally slender, but she isn't painfull to watch like Anna is here. That is why I prefer Mila.

Love Anna -- always have.
But --
Watch two funny movies per day --
Eat three cheeseburgers per day --
In a week, you'll be smiling and your underwear will fit!


Shut up and stuff your hamburgers down!

Stuff yourself --

Thank's. I'll drink bitters to that.

Some women are naturally skinny. It is wrong for others to immediately assume she is starving herself with no evidence to support their claim. She should at least know there are many who see her as beautiful. (I'm not trying to convert anyone's opinion, I'm only putting in a good word for her, since most comments have been very negative). There are many body types for us all to see, and Anna should be recognized as a unique beauty who makes the world a better place to be in.

No argument from me.

anorexic aj...disguting!

You never saw an anorexic women. They have no breasts and ass. Nearly every bone is to see like women in NS ccncentration camps. Anna AJ is a skinny but healthy looking women. Here breasts seems nearly too large - maybe implants.
She's looking so fine here, it just feels too good to be true. You feel disgusting? Probably you are drained. Order some pizzas and have a look at the set tomorrow again. Maybe you will feel better.

you might want to look up 'anorexic'.

Anna is seriously underweight.

Read her "Bio" - a masterwork. I think she dislikes herself and feels "slimy". Because of that she avoids chocolate and McDonalds. )

Whatever floats your boat, Anna.

Be thin, be buxom, whatever feels good to you.

But, most importantly, be happy.

We're all honestly hoping that you're happy.

Some girls are naturally skinny:-) I don't think, that Anna had a diet. She's a naturally beautiful Angel. She's a fresh Strawberry. So sweet:-) Я люблю тебя Anjuta...

Yes indeed. I know women which have to eat tons of meal to behold their weight. It's her nature. She is at a border now but still on the right side. Anna likes chocolat and burgers - I think she will survive if it comes to the utmost.)
But why do we speculate? Hey Anna use the comment function and tell us:
Do You feel good? Do You like your body?
I like moderate skinny models like her, Luiza etc. Hope to see many more of them here.

to behold = to remain the same weight


Shut up and stuff your hamburgers down!

Too thin Anna, it's not attractive, go eat, please.

What a beautiful girl! I'll be passing the hat around later, though, she needs a really good meal

ANNA you are PERFECT JUST the way you are!

Another one of those already very slim girls who have dieted themselves silly. Anna has been slim but never before have I noticed the ribs showing .

Needs a few more cheeseburgers!

I almost saw a smile! :)

Needs a smile !

Gosh she's thin, beautiful but too thin.

If she were "too thin" her body would start to harvest calories from where ever there could be found... including the fat in her breasts... which obviously aren't hurting. I suspect this is a low but acceptable weight for her.

Couldn't agree more, I next time I see this girl in a feature I might be seeing only skin-wrapped bones. She's not only too thin, but much, much, much too thin!

Wow, this is some of Anna's best work, a real return to form. She's still my favourite. Shout out to Leonardo for some great shots. And Anna, as always, thank you for sharing your beauty with us, you are a blessing!


so true a2m2 nice to see Anna Aj back with MetArt once again :)

please stop writing in capitals a2m2.
but if you could it would be much appreciate by myself and others (i think)

Why bother being worried by such a trivial matter? Skip over his/her comment and go on with life. Life is too short to be shit upon so don't allow it! :)

hayley13 i think a2m2 has a jammed keyboard or its his own way of expressing his joy or he has a problem with his site and this dumb blonde female has the same problem with my control key i keep hitting it accidently thus booting out of the site and having to log back in again joys of having an American built computer and a keyboard made in China :( plus the Australian desert dust does'nt help much either so it does'nt bother ne at all Cheers hayley13

My personal choice is "Made In America".

Where can you find anything with THAT on it these days...?

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