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Long live the goddess!! Anna is the most beautiful woman in the world.... great set... adorable hair, and face in the early pics...almost candid-like... then of course, the gorgeous body that never ceases to amaze me.... only thing I would ask next time is more stage of undress... but not complaining : -)

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  • 2 years ago:

Anna AJ is stunningly beautiful and one of my very favorites on MetArt. In addition to all the frontals, I would love to see more attention paid to her wonderful rear end in the photo shoots. Other than that feedback, it is always a treat to see another of her albums.

Anna AJ truly is my favorite model here. She is tops in every category. She is 5'7" but looks taller with her slim build. I love her very womanly figure, brown eyes, and curvy pubic mound that stands out nicely. Glad to see that she is back up to her ideal weight since her last posted set. Even more enjoyable is the larger number of photos - 150 versus the usual 120 - more of Anna to enjoy today. Great set.

get that alien a big mac now!

she can smile?!? oh.. the first page... I don't even need to look at the rest (of course, I did but...)

This Girl is mayby the hottest on the site.

The face, long flat belly, Navel and all of her.

Please more of this.

Anna's smiling! Beautiful smiles, too!

So gorgeously feminine and incredibly built it is breathtaking.

Hope you're happy, girl.

Anna is gorgeous! What a fantastic body but those shoes really suck. They are scene stealers. They stand out like they were photo shopped in cartoon style. Otherwise Anna is flawless and very elegant and the location is great. The colors really pop, the focus is excellent and there are even some good pussy shots. I am not a Leonardo fan but his use of colors is the best around and his eye for picking lush interesting backgrounds is the best.

This is not a Girl, is an Ukrainian Dream:-) Sweet, sweet, sweet is this Anjuta... Kisses all over maja sladkaja...

Anna is very beautiful, and not as slender as she was in "Demanda "
She is naturally very slender at 106 pounds, and she and Leonardo both have to watch the poses. It can be done, there was a more slender model,Ira G who worked for Deviatkin. Her shoots,like her Madadayo are fantastic.this of course was in the old days, when models rode dinosaurs to work,and Met had gotten enough bandwidth to put more than two pages to a set.

Thanks for the heads up about Ira G

Anna, The Mona Lisa of MetArt.

This gorgeous model shows a great deal of experience in this set, she looks so naturally comfortable and uninhibited in some truly beautiful open legged shots, credit to Leonardo for capturing her so well.

Another extraordinary photoset shot by MetArt's best photographer and
Anna's one of the most beautiful models here.


Neg bang ALL CAPS.

Oh yes,the perfect bag of bones

For me it is the most beautiful "bag of bones"
I love every millimeter of her body,
each little bone,
Just one of the most beautiful models in the Met-Art,
She could also ideal as a model for fashion...
...how is going to be called "bag on the bones" to resign from the Met-Art and is a model of fashion ...
the members of the Met-Art does not want to :D

You must be a big fan of the "beached whale" type if you think Anna is 'boney'... "Sack-o'-Fat" is what you're looking for...;o)

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